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Put the kettle on.

Not in any particular order, here are some of my current favorite series and films, all available for streaming.


The last three are all-time favorites, which, if you haven’t yet watched, please do. 


Let me know what you think.


MI-5 (a.k.a. Spooks)  Britbox


The Best Offer Netflix

(Photo by: "The Best Offer"

Foyle's War Amazon Prime

(Photo by: "Foyle's War"

The Street Britbox 

(Photo by: "The Street"

The Detectorists Acorn 

(Photo by: "The Detectorists"

Watch these two back to back: 

The Great Train Robbery Acorn 

Mrs. Biggs Acorn 

(Photo by: "Mrs. Biggs"

Alibi 2013 Amazon Prime  

(Photo by: "Alibi"

And these two versions together: 

Maigret 2016 Amazon  

Maigret 1960 Britbox 

(Photo by: "Maigret"

The Americans Amazon Prime 

(Photo by: "The Americans"

The Crown Acorn 

(Photo by: "The Crown"

Mad Men Netflix

(Photo by: "Mad Men"

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