Jones sole contender for ANC2E SMD03 commissioner

Michael Savage and Jeff Jones
Michael Savage and Jeff Jones
Voters in Georgetown’s Single Member District 2E03 will find only one ANC candidate on their November ballot.  Michael Savage, due to a successful challenge to his petition by his opponent Jeff Jones, failed to qualify for a ballot position for commissioner of the neighborhood between Georgetown University and Wisconsin Avenue.

Jones, the remaining candidate, reported to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) that Savage's petition lacked adequate legitimate signatures.

“There is a challenge period, and I did a challenge. That’s the reason the Board of Elections investigated it,” Jones told the Dish.  (The Dish interviewed Jones about his positions earlier this month.)

Savage, who works as a Senior Vice President at U.S. Trust, felt "sort of bummed out." His petition contained signatures from 25 voters across D.C. rather than voters registered in only 2E03, he said. When Savage asked the BOEE if he could knock on doors in his neighborhood to correct the problem, they informed him it was too late as it was past the September 3rd deadline.

“I think that’s a bulls**t move to do what [Jones] did. I’m not the kind of guy that would do something like that," said Savage. "I think it would be better if people had a choice."

Savage blamed himself for the mistake, but despite his blunder he still has the opportunity to organize a write-in campaign. On November 2, registered 2E03 voters could cast a ballot for Savage by writing in his name.  However, Jones has a significant advantage by having his name on the ballot.

Savage, interviewed earlier this month by the Dish, said he would only organize a write-in for the right reasons. "I wouldn't do it to be spiteful - to be mad at Jeff," he said. If Jones takes a position that is "meaningfully averse to what I think or ANC (SMD)03 thought, then I would do a write- in," said Savage.

Whether or not he decides to organize a write-in, Savage told us he plans to continue volunteering around Georgetown. “I’m disappointed that I was too dense to do this thing right. Next time I’ll know better,” Savage said.

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Can The Dish give us a clear point by point comparison between Savage and Jones. Thanks for your good work.


Yes, Jones can read the directions on how to collect signatures and Savage cannot.


Many neighbors are cheering for Jones! Since he moved here two years ago, he's been a welcome and active member of the community--working with CAG on many fronts.

Katie Manning

As of right now, Micheal Savage is not in the race for commissioner. But we'll look at reporting a point-by-point comparison of where he and Jeff Jones stand on the issues if he does decide to write in,. Thanks for the comment.