Jime Bracco Resigns as Georgetown BID Executive Director

Photo by The Georgetown Dish
Jim Bracco
Jim Bracco

A year after the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) underwent a rebranding initiative tagged "Come out and play," its executive director has resigned.

"The Georgetown BID's Executive Director, Jim Bracco, has decided to leave the BID after an exemplary three-and-a-half years of service." In a letter Tuesday to its members, the organization's president, Crystal Sullivan, went on to say, "On behalf of the BID's Board of Directors, we would like to thank Jim for his great efforts on making Georgetown a clean, safe and enticing community for our businesses to thrive and visitors to enjoy.  He has been a steady presence in not only the Georgetown community but in representing our neighborhood amongst city agencies and initiatives.  We greatly appreciate his time and level of service to Georgetown, and he will be missed."

With several new community projects underway including the recently approved security camera initiative, and holiday street-scape options to be unveiled shortly, Sullivan told The Georgetown Dish," We're at a crossroads now, and will be searching for an executive director to help position Georgetown as a renowned destination."

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Dave Roffman

They should hire me, not an outsider who knows nothing of the history or significance of Georgetown. Rebranding indeed.

John Asadoorian

Re-branding is a term Judith chose to use. It's use is not accurate as that was not the objective when it was developed and that is not how it is used. The BID did not set out to define Georgetown. We (and I) share your belief that Georgetown does not need "branding"

Judith Beermann

"Come Out and Play" was the tag line introduced last June by the BID to encourage more diverse and younger visitors to Georgetown for dining, shopping, recreation, and living. This initiative was presented to the media (including The Georgetown Dish) precisely as a rebranding effort.

Philip Brandt

"To encourage more diverse and younger visitors to Georgetown for shopping, dining or living""

...There's great irony in that statement considering the BID has no young or diverse Georgetowner voice on its board even when young diverse people have been nominated to participate.

How is keeping a rusty, iron-clad lock on the same old, boring, 80's ideas territory working for your rebranding efforts oh ancient establishment?

Such exemplary progress.