Jack Evans Resigns From D.C. Council

Photo by Jack Evans via Facebook
Running for D.C. Mayor in 2014
Running for D.C. Mayor in 2014

The D.C. Council’s longest serving member, Jack Evans resigned from office on Tuesday. The Council was expected to vote to expel him on January 21, 2020 over revelations that he had taken official actions to help developers and businesses that paid his private consulting firm.


“After nearly 30 years of public service to the District of Columbia, I have advised the Board of Elections that I resign my position as Ward 2 Council member on the Council… as of the close of business on Friday, January 17, 2020,” he wrote in a letter to Chairman Phil Mendelson. “I believe Washington, D.C. to be the pride of the nation and I am proud of the contributions I have made in helping create a vibrant city.”


Evans’ three decade career included two unsuccessful runs for mayor, two terms as the chair of Metro’s board, and seven trips as a D.C. delegate to Democratic National Conventions. Over the years, he represented Georgetown at countless ground-breaking events around the city.


Once Evans formally leaves office, the Board of Elections will declare a vacancy and start the process of scheduling a special election to fill the seat.

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Deborah Dean

This is a very sad turn of events. There are many stories of people getting help from Jack Evans because they knew him but I have never heard a story about someone not getting his help because he didnt know them. I think he was there for everyone regardless. Nor has anyone criticized him for supporting lousy projects or initiatives that hurt Ward 2 for his own benefit.

It seems that he is being accused of crossing a line that is porous and crossed every day. We have millionaire Members of Congress, whose spouses run consulting companies. The splash and spillage of the Government trough seems limitless.

Jack Evans is a good lawyer and I hope people who have
looked up to him for years have his back and support him now.

Intent is everything and it is hard to imagine Jack Evans intentionally doing something he knew was wrong. The DC Council should have allowed him to make amends. I for one am grateful for his service.