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Photo by Alessandro Farruggio
90 Second Pizza
90 Second Pizza

Italian Giuseppe “Joe” Farruggio, owner of il Canale, says his new casual pizzeria in Georgetown, 90 Second Pizza, ranks right up there with pies that have won multi- stars from food critics.

Pizza coming from oven (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Pizza coming from oven

The minute and a half is the time the pizza takes to bake on a volcanic stone in the brick gas-fired oven.

And it’s just as good, says Farruggio. You don’t believe the 90 seconds?  Check it out: Take your stopwatch along.

90 Second Pizza opened several months ago at 1077 Wisconsin Ave., NW, only a few yards from the busy corner of Wisconsin and M street.

“Traditions and time are priceless for us,” said Farruggio, “That’s why we decided to open a fast pizzeria where everything is happening quickly but very authentically.”

Pizza chef Gaetano, a true Italian (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Pizza chef Gaetano, a true Italian

That could suit the lifestyles of on-the-go Georgetowners, office workers, tourists -- not to mention students.

Only the best ingredients are used, San Marzano tomatoes grown in the Compagnia region in Italy on volcanic soils, “00” flour that consists of low-level gluten and baked in a special brick oven with up to 900 F temperatures.

The results in a pizza crust light and easy to digest.

Awaiting to be used for pizzas (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Awaiting to be used for pizzas

Ah, the dough, the dough, the dough.

Flour from the Italian producer Antimo Caputo, sea salt, water, yeast and mixed together with a tender touch.  The dough is turned in a machine imported from Italy, then left for 48 hours to rise. As orders came in, the dough is tossed and shaped by pizza chefs.

The menu lists Margherita, 90 Second, Marinara, Meat Lovers, Capricciosa, Napoli, Pizza Bianca, Vegetarian Rossa, All Pollo, and Sausage and Peppers.

 Separately, there are also many Vegan Pizza Options.

Front of 90 Second Pizza at 1077 Wisconsin Ave, Georgetown (Photo by: natalia Janetti) Front of 90 Second Pizza at 1077 Wisconsin Ave, Georgetown

Or you can choose your ingredients from the counter.

Sounds deliciously familiar?  No wonder.  That’s close to the  process which Joe‘s il Canale uses for his now famous pies baked in a wood-fired oven a few blocks over on 31st Street NW. 

90 second is faster. Pick up on the way home.  Or enjoy on the premises in the minimalistic upstairs dining area. Even while taking a stroll in the neighborhood and the craving must be satisfied.

Pepperoni pizza (Photo by: 90 Second Pizza) Pepperoni pizza

For delivery contact:  Uber Eats, Postmates or Caviar.

Pizzailos  await:  Open: Sunday – Thursday 11 am til 10:30 pm. Friday & Saturday 11 am – midnight.