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D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray
D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray

When The Economist, that esteemed British weekly on international affairs takes half a page to talk about our Mayor’s woes, you know it’s serious enough they want the world to know.

I don’t read much print media anymore, but on Sundays when I visit my dad, it’s The New York Times (starting with Maureen Dowd’s column) and The Economist I look forward to, both of which have been there since I can remember.

After recaping the recent developments we all know by now, the author concludes, “In the past the mayor has denied running a corrupt campaign, claiming ignorance of his aides’ misdeeds. But now he is keeping mum. Many wonder how a man with a reputation for thoroughness could have been left in the dark on these matters. Others are more sceptical. David Catania, a District council member, says it is hard to believe that a businessman would invest so much in a shadow campaign and not tell the beneficiary.”