How I Fell in Love on My Way to Newport: Part Two

Photo by Sean Randall

As Baby and I continued on our way to Newport, she grew closer.  She began to gingerly rotate from the back seat to the front seat of my Lincoln.  She then began to stand in my lap as if gaining a greater vantage point to assist me as we barreled down I-95 through New York and breaking into New England - Connecticut, Rhode Island, and then sailing over the Pell Bridge and touching down  finally into Newport. By the end of the journey Baby was asleep in my lap.

Baby (Photo by: Sean Randall) Baby
It was a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend and there was a lot to be done. My family’s home of 26 years had been sold and we had less than 60 days to vacate and it was becoming more and more apparent that we had a massive project on our hands - my father having been an art dealer of 18th century fine and decorative art for over 40 years had acquired quite a collection (I can’t stand moving).

Baby took Newport all in stride.  She began to quickly follow me throughout the house and grounds as we took a survey of the estate and its contents.  We made our way down the grass alle which extended to the Atlantic Ocean and she even had to hop and run as her legs were quite short and the grass was thick and deep.  Nevertheless, she
dutifully stayed by my side - she was a real companion and she added to dialogues with her gently expressive growls.

As the weekend progressed, Baby went with me everywhere and people adored her.  People fawned over her, asked me what her background was, how I ended up with her, and what kind of a dog she was.  Family and friends all implored for me to keep her and all offered to take her if I did not.  I became torn and seriously considered keeping her, reflecting on my bachelorhood, and wondering for what reasons I would not keep her.  There were not many, however I felt I had a duty and a mission to deliver the dog to the self proclaimed, “Animal Lifestyle Expert,” Alexandra Sapphire.  Sigh.  I had fallen in love with a wonderful little Black and White Coton de Tuleur named Baby.

Baby (Photo by: Sean Randall) Baby
On Monday, I coordinated with Alexandra in New York City and projected that we would be to her apartment by noon.  My father and brother who had grown to like Baby too said their sad goodbyes and we we were off. It was a hot and sunny Memorial Day and there was little traffic. Baby took her position on my lap and we headed to mid-town New York City’s  West Side.  I continued to consider why I was doing this and how my life had been enriched in just four short days by this small, soft and sweet little dog.

Alexandra greeted me at the entrance to her building and so began the familiar ritual of Baby acclimating to new people by being completely standoffish and cowering behind those who she knows best.  I knew confidently that within hours or days she would come to trust her new owner and begin to enrich her life for the best.  I will always miss

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