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Photo by Judith Beermann

Baci (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Baci

To all the sylists out there who have felt underappreciated until now, WE REALLY MISS YOU!

Eight weeks and counting, the longest I've gone without touching up the grey. 

I'm wearing those four inches like a badge of honor. Proof that I haven't sneaked into my salon in the middle of the night.

Talented and thoughtful Franco Murat has offered to send me my color, free of charge to do it myself.

Having seen friends and celebrities try this route, I'm going to wait until I get a proper haircut and color again at Salon Macomb. In the meantime, I'm blending in well with Baci.

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Your hair is looking very well.


Hats, at this point, is a solution. Been amused how all the hot babes on TV are looking more "wholesome." If I tried to color my own hair, afraid I'll go bald.

Sylvia Margolin

Universal topic for all of us -- males and females -- whether it's not getting a hair coloring or hair cut.