Grandma Don't Hate Me...

Photo by Pie Sisters
Alli, Cat, and Erin Blakely
Alli, Cat, and Erin Blakely

Grandma don’t hate me but I may have found someone that bakes better pies. I know, it’s borderline sacrilegious to criticize your grandmother’s cooking and I don’t take the subject lightly, but the pies from Georgetown’s newest pie shop, Pie Sisters, are out of this world.

As the name would imply, Pie Sisters was started by Alli, Erin, and Cat, three sisters who all pursued other career paths before returning back to what connected them while they were in different states and countries, baking. When discussing what kind of feel they wanted their shop to have, the sisters decided they wanted to be not only the best pie shop in town, but a place where people from all walks of life could come relax and feel comfortable.

Key Lime Cuppies are $4 (Photo by: Hillary Leeb) Key Lime Cuppies are $4

“It’s not just about the food,” said Erin. “It’s about the whole experience of someone coming in and feeling the warmth and inviting nature of the space we’ve created. ” With exposed brick walls, rich wood coffee tables, and elegant but simple décor, the sisters have certainly followed through. Local bands and artists play on the weekends adding an eclectic vibe to the space. “We don’t want to appeal to just one crowd, we want everyone to feel like this place is their place. ” As I looked around and saw Georgetown students discussing classes, girlfriends catching up, and a possible first date, it’s easy to see how many could come to call this place their new coffee shop home.

But do the pies add up to the homey vibe? Absolutely. Pie Sisters pies come in different sizes including slices and whole pies, but they also have Cuppies which are individual portions served in a cupcake wrapping. I sampled a slice of the Key Lime pie, and Cuppie portions of the Chocolate Pecan, Classic Apple, and Coconut Cream. I was in sweet tooth heaven for the 15 minutes it took me to eat almost all of them, but had to stop myself to let others get a bite in.

Pie Sisters also cater baby showers and weddings (Photo by: Pie Sisters) Pie Sisters also cater baby showers and weddings

The Coconut Cream was to die for as it wasn’t too heavy. It had an amazing amount of flavor, but was light enough to not feel guilty afterwards. The Chocolate Pecan had just the right amount of sweet and salty goodness. The Classic Apple was probably my favorite apple pie I have ever tasted anywhere. I usually am the hardest on apple pies, I find they can either be too bland or have too many apples and not enough flavor. This Apple Pie Cuppie had more flavor packed into a little cupcake wrapping than I’ve ever had in an entire slice of Apple Pie. My favorite was the Key Lime pie. Its graham cracker crust, and perfect amount of tart filling was absolute perfection and had me feeling withdrawals minutes after I finished it.

Their pies are seasonal, and use fruit from local farms, furthering the support of small, local businesses. They also are no strangers to the price of being a small business as they all rotate shifts starting at 3:00 am.

After only being open for a little over a month, Pie Sisters has already shown Georgetown what it’s made of. I can’t wait to see what flavors they have prepared for summer!

Coconut Cream Cuppies are $4 (Photo by: Hillary Leeb) Coconut Cream Cuppies are $4

Visit Pie Sisters to see what other flavors they offer.

Pie Sisters is located at 3423 M Street. Tel 202.338.7437

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