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Grains of Truth

A jug of wine, NO loaf of bread, and thou?

It's all the rage right now; in fact, you may be thinking of going on a gluten-free diet. Before you do, here are some things to think about.  Originally, gluten-free diets were designed to combat celiac disease, a serious auto-immune disorder which destroys the intestinal tract. Celiac affects about 1% of the population and is reversed by taking gluten out of the diet. But, the danger of self-diagnosing and taking gluten out of your diet prematurely is that you would never be able to get an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms. An intestinal biopsy is the only way to detect celiac.

People try it because they feel tired, bloated, depressed, but haven't we all felt this way from time to time? So, before you rush into a gluten-free diet try something simple, say, an apple... uh, or exercise? Or would you prefer a life of no bread, pasta or birthday cakes?

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein in wheat which gives bread its structure.

Gluten-Containing Foods

Barley, Bulgur, Cereal Binding, Couscous, Durum, Einkorn, Emmer, Fillers, Farro, Graham Flour, Kamut, Malt, Malt Extract, Malt Flavoring, Malt Syrup, Oats which are not labeled “Gluten-Free” because they have been contaminated by gluten in the field or in the processing plant, Rye, Semolina, Spelt, Triticale, Wheat, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ, Wheat Starch, and others…

Naturally Gluten-Free Whole Grains

Brown Rice, Whole Corn, "Gluten-Free" Oats, Millet, Teff, Sorghum, Wild Rice, Buckwheat, Amaranth, and Quinoa.

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Your comment - Originally, gluten-free diets were designed to combat celiac disease, a serious auto-immune disorder which destroys the intestinal tract. - Is worded perfectly , I am a celiac about to enter my tenth year on the diet the whole gluten free fad crazes drives me insane the disease is seen as a joke these days.

Nice to read an article that has accurate information well done :D

Maddie Grant

I can't believe that with the obesity problem in this country you would begrudge people trying to eat healthier - and yes, reducing gluten is healthier if it means cutting out all those disgusting processed foods. Whether this is a "fad" diet or not, it encourages people to eat natural fruit, vegetables and meats. Are you being paid by the flour industry to write this?


Maddie , gluten free diet is for Celiac's as the article mentioned . Going gluten free will not help you loose weight . When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease I was too skinny due to not absorbing any food . It took 7 years to get my weight up to a healthy weight . Gluten free diet is too help Celiac's put on weight not loose it . For people to loose weight they need to eat more healthy with fresh meat , veg , fruit etc but no need to give up gluten . Cutting out all the junk people eat makes them loose weight nothing to do with gluten free . Gluten free foods from the shops are extremely high in sugar .



Trey Ramsey

Thank you for injecting some sanity into the gluten-free fad. I am always amazed at our culture's willingness to embrace anything but reality when it comes to diet and exercise. For those diagnosed with celiac, I am thankful for the relief it brings. For the rest of you, maybe you just need to reduce caloric intake, stop eating cheezy poofs, and get off the couch and go for a walk.


Great article. Living Life on a GF plan is not easy. Trust me, if my son didn't have celiac there's no way we'd be living this way. It's not a fad for those with celiac nyoure right... A little exercise and eating whole, real food would do wonders for most overweight Americans.


This article was PERFECTLY written. Obesity exists for a variety of reasons - not just due to wheat. If you think it exists because of wheat look at the French and Italians in Europe - they are not obese. They are very ACTIVE people and they also eat in moderation. The shock is the size of meals in the USA - I have never seen such huge amount served or so many buffets in my life. As a Celiac Diagnosed 30 years ago I GAINED weight when I started eating food that my body could then digest and absorb nutrients from. Celiac is a disase of mal-absorption - thus those who say it is a way to lose weight loss are incorrect. If you need an excuse to say no to eating bread call it that - like the first poster - do not say you are on a GF diet instead as a GF is way more complicated that some people think and it only adds to confusion in restaurants when the people who need it from a medical perspective try to dine out on occasion.