Gloria Estefan sings for lunch with Michelle Obama

Photo by Natalia Janetti
Gloria Estefan with the First Lady and other leading women in the background
Gloria Estefan with the First Lady and other leading women in the background

The Queen of Latin Pop Gloria Estefan had Michelle Obama movin’ and swayin’ to the Miami Sound Machine music at the Congressional Club’s lunch in honor of the First Lady at the Washington Hilton on Wednesday. 

Enjoying  the Latin music are from left Mariella Trager of Georgetown, Maria Elena Carrion, wife of Puerto Rico's delegate to Congress also a Georgetown resident, and Pilar Aleman, wife of Panama's former ambassador to the U.S. (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Enjoying the Latin music are from left Mariella Trager of Georgetown, Maria Elena Carrion, wife of Puerto Rico's delegate to Congress also a Georgetown resident, and Pilar Aleman, wife of Panama's former ambassador to the U.S.
Many of the truly politically connected women who had attended The First Lady’s Luncheon over the years generally agree it ranked right up there as one of the best choices for entertainment ever. Conga lines formed in the aisles. Nobody could sit still, not even the First Lady, as she threw her long arms up and swayed to Mi Terra, Don’t Wanna Lose You, and still more Estefan mega-hits.

In her introduction, Estefan said, “People tell me, I’ve been married to your music, I’ve been divorced to your music. Hey, whatever, it is fine as long as I’m there.”

Gloria Estefan lights up the gathering (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Gloria Estefan lights up the gathering
Was she channeling Maria Kennedy Shriver? Who couldn't be subliminally thinking about the latest "Good Wife" in the news. La pauvre.

Praising Mrs. Obama (whose husband is a big Estefan fan) Estefan said: “We’re so proud of you. Thank you for giving our young women somebody incredible to look up to.”

From the songs of the Cuban-born singer to Luncheon Chair Mrs. Pat Mica’s (wife of Florida’s Rep. John Mica) bright yellow jacket, to the bright hot-pink and orange tablecloths, the event this year had an electric beach flavor.  Tucked into the South Beach themed goodie bags were sandals, terry towels, tumbler drink cups, healthy treats, and Miami scents.

The First Lady (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) The First Lady
That said, silky gray was the power color of the day.  The First Lady wore gray; so did Estefan. Maybe it’s the new black -- or the old red.  The dresses were cool, stylish knockouts.

This year’s event benefits the “Negro Spiritual” Scholarship Foundation, the Florida Alliance for Arts Education and Operation Homefront.  In her remarks to the more than 2,000 people in attendance, the First Lady honored military personnel and their families, and praised companies that hire families and people who served in the military.

Invited women, their friends and families flew in from coast to coast and from north to south.  Spouses of Cabinet members, the U.S. Supreme Court and the leadership of the Senate and House, among others, were escorted down a long runway to the head table for the nearly three-hour affair.  Georgetowner Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s handsome mate, Paul, traipsed the runway with a grin—and to the enthusiastic applause of the 99% female audience.

A table at the First Lady's lunch for 2000 (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) A table at the First Lady's lunch for 2000

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Vile. Obscene. Disgusting. Dishonorable. Shameful. Hideous. Portent. Omen. Nasty. Foolish. Stupid. Depressing. Hateful. Idiotic. Treasonous. Betrayal. Failure. Abject. Nuts. Embarrassing. Futile. Wasteful. Arrogant. Murderous. Illegitimate. Cynical. Sucks.


What a beautiful tribute to a very strong lady. And a nice break from the tradgedies around the world without forgetting all those who suffer. The luncheon looks like it was a great success and benefited such great organizations. Congratulations to Pat Mica and all those who attended and supported the great causes.

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Liberals how long will you continue to support these fraudsters. It's not about dems or reps. It's about right or wrong! This is not a sport where you pull for "your" team no matter the score. This is the future of our nation and the world. Continue to support them and you will be a witness to the fall of the Republic.


MEchelle out spending OUR money again on HER pleasures! Her choice of attire for lunch was totally inappropriate, classless and just hollers, "Look at me!" What happened to class and grace for the FLOTUS? She's a joke; just like Obozo. I can't wait to fire them both in 1-1/2 years. God help this country until then.


Acutally Jack, they act like a skid-row bunch that just won the lottery ...

Smitty California

Nero also watched on as Rome burned. _



When I think of a classy lady in the White House, I think of Laura Bush, not ugly MO!!!


The excessive extravagances on OUR DIME by these frauds in the White House is criminal. While people worry how to put food on the table for their children these disgusting cretins suck up more tax-payer money for their own pleasure while doing NOTHING for the American people. Get them out! Impeach him and send them back to Chicago!!

Almost Comatose

“Bush ruined the economy”

Nope, simply not true. The economy was booming until 2007, when the Pelosi/Reid Cartel picked up the nation's checkbook and immediately DOUBLED FEDERAL SPENDING. In addition, the meddling Community Redevelopment Act - initiated and administered by DEMOCRATS - began taking its inevitable toll on the housing market and the banking sector, causing mortgages to go belly up and banks to crash.

Before DEMOCRATS took over the House and Senate in January 2007:

-Unemployment was 4.5%
-The Dow was headed to 14,000+
-The deficit was 3 times SMALLER than ANY of Comrade Obama's current or projected deficits.
-The National debt was $5 TRILLION dollars LESS than it is now.
-The country experienced 52 straight months of REAL, private sector economic GROWTH – and this despite the tragedy and economic setback of 9/11.
-The top 3 federal tax revenue years EVER were: 2005, 2006, and the Bush-planned, Republican Congress-approved budget of 2007, under those “E-VIL” Bush tax cuts…. ….because if you want to increase tax revenues, you DECREASE taxes, which allows for more investors and businesses to enter into the system, and allows for consumers to spend more money, all of which generates mondo revenue for government coffers. Big-spending DEMOCRATS never seem to understand this. They want to kill the golden goose (by taxing it to death) instead of allowing for an environment which creates more golden geese. STUPID.

And for our "liberal-ejukated" idiots who do not know: ONLY the House can appropriate and approve FEDERAL spending, and as we can all now see, the "owners' of the House from 2007 through 2011 - the DEMOCRATS - have driven the country off the cliff.

But please. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the FACTS and figures:¬.htm¬st-100¬


i love Gloria, she is a wonderful person!! and a great singer :) love u gloria!!
amanda & randy


Everything? How often do we read in the press the etravagance that these tyrants allow themselves? How often does the press cover the nonstop stealing that is done by this White House? How often does the press cover the race baiting that they initiate? How often does the press cover the billions of dollars given to cronies? Especially the unions? How often have union leaders visited the White House? Why is the White House list of visitors kept incomplete? How often does the press report the true cost of Obamacare? How often is the press critical of this administrations selective laws such as waivers? How often did the press cover the Black Muslims intimidation of voters? How often does the press cover Obama saying that "Under his plan, energy costs will necessarily skyrocket? How often does the press mention that the BP oil leak was actually based on this administrations licensing the platform?


Michelle knows that they have to accelerate pushing their socialist policies. Obama is desperate and dangerous. This term of office may be his only chance to go down in history. But overscheduling himself like that and being away from his family a lot is very suspicious. He does not look to me like a very married man. Maybe the rumors about a former staffer Vera may be true. Mrs Obama looks an unhappy wife. But, sadly, the infidelities of other presidents and candidates do not disqualify them from holding an office any more.


Another "IN YOUR FACE"; brought to you by the Obamas.


Gray is a popular color for communist too!


Beautiful woman, huh? hahaha


I thought Gloria Estefan was a conservative...what happened?!


You definitely tow the party line. Doesn't matter what the policy is, if it's democrat, you're for it. I guess you've changed your mind on the two wars now that Obama hasn't brought our soldiers home. I guess you want Gitmo open too, unless of course the next president isn't a democrat. Then you'll change your mind again. You're a lemming who puts your party before anything else because you cannot think for yourself. We'll see how you feel when you lose your job and are on foodstamps thanks to this president.


Dancing, useless Obamas, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
(Last link of Banned Book):


"You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale." Obama 2011

AnonymousJohn S.

FLOTUS has to kiss up to the Cubans and other Latins since POTUS just threw the Jews under the bus.


Like "I hate every iota of a cracker" and "Kill all the cracker babies" is this what you are referring to?


Obviously Gloria has forgotten her roots now than she hangs out with the people who literally sent her father to prison on Bay of Pigs.

Cunning Lawyer

I am truly blindsided by the things that Obama says to Israel and to the Mideast. Who does he think he is? Everyone in the past has tried so hard to peacefully aid in diplomatic relations between the two and he goes in there like a clueless bull in a China shop. He's all over the place with his thinking and there is no understanding it. I'm completely baffled. Who is this guy? He is clearly not up to the job and has no idea what his job is. He is crass and a blowhard and deliberately alienates people whom he has stereotyped. Healer? ... Instigator! He is busy creating WWIII Many people voted for him in hopes he would bring the troops home and end the wars we have not get us into every dispute on the globe and create new ones...btw, how many people are crammed into that table setting in the picture of Michelle's party? Gads, who could fit around it, but I'm sure the head table didn't have to sit cheek to jowl like the "honored" guests.


We already knew that they could sing dance well. We're still waiting to see if they can lead the country and so far it ain't looking so hot!

Pink Flamingo

How is the telling the truth about this regime racist? These two are an embarrassment to the United States. Doesn't make a bit of difference what color they are. The only people better off under this regime are union thugs, George Soros, Wall Street bankers who went along with the regime, the alleged president and his along-for-the-ride wife.


As a Cuban-American whose homeland was overrun by a Socialist dictator, Estefan should hang her head in shame. I bet that she won't ask Andy Garcia what he thinks of her Judas performance.


Beautiful? If you like Patrick Ewing in a dress.



Shame on you!!! Remember Castro why many of us fled Cuba?


What a pig this michelle woman. Hey gloria one dictator wasn't enough for you?


you need you eyes checked if you think this tacky thing is beautiful