Gloria Estefan sings for lunch with Michelle Obama

Photo by Natalia Janetti
Gloria Estefan with the First Lady and other leading women in the background
Gloria Estefan with the First Lady and other leading women in the background

The Queen of Latin Pop Gloria Estefan had Michelle Obama movin’ and swayin’ to the Miami Sound Machine music at the Congressional Club’s lunch in honor of the First Lady at the Washington Hilton on Wednesday. 

Enjoying  the Latin music are from left Mariella Trager of Georgetown, Maria Elena Carrion, wife of Puerto Rico's delegate to Congress also a Georgetown resident, and Pilar Aleman, wife of Panama's former ambassador to the U.S. (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Enjoying the Latin music are from left Mariella Trager of Georgetown, Maria Elena Carrion, wife of Puerto Rico's delegate to Congress also a Georgetown resident, and Pilar Aleman, wife of Panama's former ambassador to the U.S.
Many of the truly politically connected women who had attended The First Lady’s Luncheon over the years generally agree it ranked right up there as one of the best choices for entertainment ever. Conga lines formed in the aisles. Nobody could sit still, not even the First Lady, as she threw her long arms up and swayed to Mi Terra, Don’t Wanna Lose You, and still more Estefan mega-hits.

In her introduction, Estefan said, “People tell me, I’ve been married to your music, I’ve been divorced to your music. Hey, whatever, it is fine as long as I’m there.”

Gloria Estefan lights up the gathering (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) Gloria Estefan lights up the gathering
Was she channeling Maria Kennedy Shriver? Who couldn't be subliminally thinking about the latest "Good Wife" in the news. La pauvre.

Praising Mrs. Obama (whose husband is a big Estefan fan) Estefan said: “We’re so proud of you. Thank you for giving our young women somebody incredible to look up to.”

From the songs of the Cuban-born singer to Luncheon Chair Mrs. Pat Mica’s (wife of Florida’s Rep. John Mica) bright yellow jacket, to the bright hot-pink and orange tablecloths, the event this year had an electric beach flavor.  Tucked into the South Beach themed goodie bags were sandals, terry towels, tumbler drink cups, healthy treats, and Miami scents.

The First Lady (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) The First Lady
That said, silky gray was the power color of the day.  The First Lady wore gray; so did Estefan. Maybe it’s the new black -- or the old red.  The dresses were cool, stylish knockouts.

This year’s event benefits the “Negro Spiritual” Scholarship Foundation, the Florida Alliance for Arts Education and Operation Homefront.  In her remarks to the more than 2,000 people in attendance, the First Lady honored military personnel and their families, and praised companies that hire families and people who served in the military.

Invited women, their friends and families flew in from coast to coast and from north to south.  Spouses of Cabinet members, the U.S. Supreme Court and the leadership of the Senate and House, among others, were escorted down a long runway to the head table for the nearly three-hour affair.  Georgetowner Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s handsome mate, Paul, traipsed the runway with a grin—and to the enthusiastic applause of the 99% female audience.

A table at the First Lady's lunch for 2000 (Photo by: Natalia Janetti) A table at the First Lady's lunch for 2000

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Edgar Friendly

Let them eat cake...

MA Jack

These folks are treating the Presidency as if it were a four year stint at an all-inclusive resort.


Seems like a truly American event filled with mature people. Way to go first lady!

James Corbin

Why is it that EVERYTHING the Obamas do, no matter how trivial, is reported breathlessly by the press?


good for the first lady. anything that gets the right wing noise machine mad, makes me happy. she is a beautiful woman, and makes the yokels in the GOP speak racist rants....


The Obamas surround themselves with celebrities, entertainers, movie stars and poets...the Bushes were surrounded by wounded warriors and veterans & their families. Viva la difference!

Conservative Lady

Who paid for this? If the taxpayers paid for anything related to this event--I want my money back.

Gloria--I can think of many other examples of women for young women to look up to: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingrahm, Nikii Haley, Michelle Malkin, Gerri Willis, Jan Brewer, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Gretchen Carlson, etc. Michelle Obama will never be on my list--since she is living off of the taxpayers and thinks nothing of spending, spending our hard earned money for parties & vacations.


wow..... google "tone deaf"....

nancy clay

I am so glad this is the woman who is trying to tell the country how to eat healthy and stay fit.......such hypocrisy!!!! Between all the lobster and flaming desserts this woman inhales, I can't believe she even has the nerve to begin to tell us how to feed our children. Then again, look at her husband.....high speed rails, much money pledged to middle east.....WOW! They are a dynamic due, so much hope and change!

American Man

Isn't this silly, just another distraction! What about the issues, shouldn't we be covering the Potus who beats the bushes in the Middle East , for more unrest. Shouldn't we be writing about Israel being thrown under the bus. You know even though the media pumps the Obama's up like royalty, I don't care what type of world war he creates in the mid east, they will not stay in office even if he declares marshall law. Enough is Enough. The American people better snap out of this delusion that everything is ok.
It's sickening to see so many people out of work, loosing their homes, out on the street or living in ghettos in disrepair and this administration is out strutting in parties, vacations all over the world, spending tax money and they don't want to cut back on the spending,and when they do cut back it is programs to hurt the disadvantaged, to shame those in government who want to save the USA and not go broke.
This rag was probably given this assignment by Fotus and her staff, what a bunch of gutless journalists.


"Let them eat arugula." - Michelle Antionette - 2009

joe c.

Ho-hum, ho-hum, ho-hum, ....yawn ... stretch..ho-hum. Wonder what Israel is up to, now that they have been told to downsize by 'bummer. Pass the salsa, please. yawn.


Meanwhile, in Flyover Country, Queen Obama's subjects continue to toil away wondering how we're going to keep affording the food and gas prices the King's Court has imposed on us with Quantitative Easing. Thanks Barry and Michelle. We're looking forward to showing you the door on 1/20/13. Too bad Barry can't remember the fact that he is an elected official in a Constitutional Republic, not royalty, and neither of you racist snobs are entitled to anything. All this while liberals call Republicans, Tea Party members, and other Americans "extremists." Though I suppose to a Marxist, anyone who wants to honor the Constitution would be considered extreme.


For shame on the Estefans! How can any self-respecting Cuban American hob nob with communist sympathizers such as the Obamas? Aren't centralized government, a planned economy, and thuggish behavior by government officials the reasons we left Cuba in the first place? Frankly, I will be lighting a pile of Estefan CDs in my back yard this evening (and smoking a cigar) while I curse these foolish suck-ups.


I am NOT American so don't call me a right wing whatever. I find the attire distasteful for a lunch, an embarrassing outfit actually, more fitted to clubbing. Somebody needs to teach Michelle how to dress. You can buy the Presidency and the First Lady position, but you can't buy class.

Iraq Vet


get along gang 4 a day

The beauty of this event is that it was widely attended by republicans and democrats alike - and everyone there put politics aside for an afternoon, had a wonderful time and used the appeal of the first lady (no matter who she is) to raise money for 3 worthy charities as it does every year. as much as i love to debate politics and stand up for the conservative values i strongly believe in, i love just as much to watch these people in high profile positions truly put politics aside and put their positions to use for the greater good of all people. no taxpayer money was involved and in fact it was ALL volunteers who made this event happen - even gloria estefan volunteered her time. there are plenty of places to bash the actions of politicians, this was one of the good things they do.


Meanwhile homeless people are growing in numbers, homes repossessed, dollar going into the chitter, inflation and debt rising, jobs outsourced, and manufacturing continues to flee this country. Obama is in reelection mode and doing nothing and his wife is in a conga line and your response is racism? People are growing very tired of worn out rant.


I'll tell you what's going on,the nitwits above the Mason-Dixon line put this tool and his linebacker wife in OUR White House.They better enjoy it while they can,because that arse if out in the streets again in 0'12.These people are an embarassment to the offfice.


You should be reminded that in the middle ages entertainers were called court jesters. You may be impressed that this poster couple for the nouveau riche surround themselves (at our expense) with court jesters; I am not. They are an embarrassment and make the Carters and Clintons, by comparison, appear as blue bloods.


I love all kinds of music. Hey POTUS and FLOTUS, there are some good non-ethnic bands out there, too!


Gloria can go back to one would miss her.


Michelle who?


I am stunned over how Obama and Moochelle handle themselves in public. They are both so arrogant that it is truly astounding. Obama could care less about the concerns of the majority of Americans. He just continues on with his agenda and his wife keeps dancing away as if Americans are thrilled with her actions. Shame on you Gloria, I have lost all respect for you and your other foolish friends. Hurry 2012, sick of looking at the Obamas, what a disgrace to this country.


Wow. Such vitroil. This was arranged by Congressional Wives and it's held every year. People pay their own way and proceeds go to charity. What a country full of hateful, bitter people. I'm guess you are the 25% who thought GWB did a good job. Way to go.


The "First Lady honored military personnel and their families" but they were not invited?

Moochelle wearing an evening formal and a lunchen?

The author gushing over the event and saying things like: "Tucked into the South Beach themed goodie bags were sandals, terry towels, tumbler drink cups, healthy treats, and Miami scents." OH Barf!

South Beach represents what? Plastic people with fake boobs, fake tans, plastic surgery, overpriced homes, expensive cars, high priced call girls and unfaithful husbands.

I have to say this was a Glorious Democratic event!

Folks, keep up with the responses of discontent. Hooray for the Right Side!


Taxpayers didn't pay a dime. The Congressional Club raises money on their own through fund raisers and everyone that attended paid a decent fee to get in. Beyond that the money generated went to good causes. This has taken place for the last 99 years. This isn't a Republican or Democrat thing. The entertainment isn't chosen by the administration. I'm a Republican and this is one of the few truly nonpartisan events that takes place in DC every year.


you are a blind, deaf and dumb fool. these people are bringing ruin upon us -- and war upon the whole earth.


Party, party, party, party, poets, party, another party, a trip, golf, vacation, party, golf, vacation, party, golf, party, party, vacation, party, party.....$500 tennis shoes at soup kitchens, $1,000 handbags at fund raisers (the better to carry the money in). Useless leadership surrounded by fawning sycophants. Disgusting.


Thank you for this comment, it is so concise and right on. I love it. The first couple that doesn't give a damn.