Georgetown University's New Mascot

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Jack the Bulldog
Jack the Bulldog

Georgetown University announced a new mascot-in-training to become the next official Jack the Bulldog.


The six-month-old bulldog was born in January in Canada. He later moved to Valley Center, California, where he began his training with breeders and Georgetown parents Janice and Marcus Hochstetler.

The dog’s new caretaker and the Jack Crew, comprising several students who help with the mascot’s daily walks, will introduce the puppy to campus on his daily walks.



Name: Jack the Bulldog

Official Papered Name: IROC Casagrande John F. Carroll

Born: January 24, 2019

Arrival at Georgetown: July 24, 2019

Birthplace: Alberta, Canada

Weight: 51 lbs

Color: White with red brindle markings

Lineage: Son of the Champion IROC African Rhythm (known as Mufassa) and Champion Casa Grande's Ready Eddy

Favorite pastimes: Playing with his dog friends, Blue and Gunner, chasing his favorite green watering can and falling leaves, playing with his toy armadillo and elephant

Favorite food: Chopped salad, but never with olives

Favorite hangouts: The lawn by White-Gravenor; the Alumni House


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So glad my alma master has a new mascot for the fall 2019 season. Way to go Jack.