Photo by Georgetown Heritage
New canal boat under construction, 2020
New canal boat under construction, 2020

Built at the Roudebush Yacht & Engine Works shipyard outside of Baltimore, Georgetown’s new canal boat is slated for a summer delivery. 


Decommissioned in 2011 due to extensive damage, the Georgetown, which had been providing tours for almost 30 years sat rotting in the canal until it was removed in 2016.


Georgetown Heritage received a grant from the District of Columbia to fund the design and construction of this new boat, equipped with modern amenities as well as a historically accurate design. Built in two halves, the 80-foot long boat will be put together after delivery to Georgetown


Together, the C&O Canal National Historic Park and Georgetown Heritage will use the boat as a platform to engage visitors with the compelling story of the canal in Georgetown, the people who built it and worked on it, and its transition into a National Park.

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Sylvia Margolin

Will the boat be stationary or give passengers a canal ride?

Judith Beermann

The boat will replace the previous one designed for canal rides.