Georgetown Ministry Center Introduces Giving Club

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Georgetown Ministry Center is doing more than it ever has for the people they serve. To meet rising costs, they are introducing a new way for you to provide consistent support. By joining a Georgetown Ministry Center giving club, you can provide essential services each month for people experiencing homelessness. 


Every dollar makes a difference. Please review the details below and consider joining a GMC giving club today!


Coffee Club

$10/month provides two weeks worth of hot coffee each year. After time in the cold or a poor night's sleep, guests flock to the Center for a hot cup of coffee and a place to belong.


Cleaning Crew

$25/month provides 35 showers and 15 loads of laundry each year for guests who otherwise face obstacles practicing good hygiene while living on the street.


Wellness Warriors

$50/month provides 10 GMC guests with access to our two psychiatrists and general practitioner each year. This helps them address the underlying issues that may cause their homelessness.


Homeward Heroes

$100/month provides 20 GMC guests the opportunity to receive essential case management services each year that ultimately lead to stability, income and housing. 


To sign up for a monthly club, visit their Donate page. If you have any questions, please direct them to Sarah Hartley at or 202.338.8301 x3.