The Georgetown Dish Joins Allbritton's

The Georgetown Dish will join Allbritton Communications' network, the local online component of a growing media portfolio set to launch this summer that includes, Newschannel 8, and ABC7 as well as television stations in Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia. Leading the new enterprise is former editor Jim Brady. will publish The Georgetown Dish's content and redistribute it using targeted distribution applications.

TBD is taking a new approach to local news. The site, with a staff of about 50, will focus on reporting, editing and social media on desktop and mobile platforms. In addition to its own reporting, TBD will feature user-contributed content and will aggregate content from traditional news media, websites and blogs across the region. Through the TBD Community Network, TBD will drive traffic to member sites such as The Georgetown Dish while sharing some advertising revenues.

The Georgetown Dish went live in December and now attracts nearly 20,000 visitors per month. Spearheaded by a team of newshounds and technical wizards who cut their teeth at AOL, the site combines community news, political coverage, and social scene highlights in a social media platform where commenting and Tweeting are as important as original reporting.

Georgetown, sometimes called "the most important neighborhood in the world," is the home of Congressional leaders like Sen. John Kerry and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as U.S. officials including Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and influential journalists and authors such as Bob Woodward, Kitty Kelley, Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. It is also the region's cultural epicenter, home of the latest trends in food, fashion and art.

The Dish has broken several political stories that have been picked up in the blogosphere, including an exclusive report on a City Council fundraiser, a Social Safeway Sighting of a Congressman that went viral nationally, and a controversial blogpost from a Washington Post reporter that "disappeared" from the newspaper's website.

The editorial team is headed by managing editor Bonnie Cain, reporter Molly Redden and associate publisher Judith Beermann. Robb Hoffheins, Chief Operating Officer, leads operations and technology development with John Divney and Doug Hummer. Contributors include Dr. Tina Alster, Mary Bird, Quinn Bradlee, Frida Burling, Janet Donovan, Page Evans, Wendy Gordon, Megan Harrington, Tricia Huntley, Jeff Malet, Topher Mathews of Georgetown Metropolitan, Emily Miller, Neshan Naltchayan, and Darrell Parsons.

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