Georgetown brick throwing damages cars

Photo by The Georgetown Dish
John Bradshaw point to the brick-damaged side window on his car
John Bradshaw point to the brick-damaged side window on his car

Shortly after midnight last Thursday, John Bradshaw and wife Angie were startled by loud smashing sounds outside their house in the 1400 block of 33rdStreet. “What was that noise,” she said, as he rushed outside.  Joining his neighbors, John Bradshaw found a young man standing there with the rear, side window of the family car broken out and a badly cracked windshield on the next car.  Apparently a brick from the piles on the sidewalk for the O and P Street road project was the tempting weapon of choice. 


One of the pile of bricks on 33rd Street (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) One of the pile of bricks on 33rd Street

When asked what was going on, the young man said, “that was something on the next block,” and took off east towards Wisconsin Avenue. While Angie Bradshaw called the police, John Bradshaw chased the apparently quite inebriated young man and caught up with him in the CVS.  John Bradshaw flagged down two police officers parked in a squad car outside the CVS.  They told John Bradshaw it “wasn’t in our jurisdiction” and drove off on Wisconsin Avenue. 

The cracked windshield on the next car (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) The cracked windshield on the next car

At that point, John Bradshaw said: “I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back” to 33rd Street, as the young man asked, “Is there any way we can settle this without the police being involved?” 

Another MPD squad car responded to the scene of the incident.  These two officers took a statement from John Bradshaw and handcuffed the young man and took him into custody.  He was identified as a Georgetown University student, leading to a response also from the GU police.

Looking north at the construction on 33rd Street, NW (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Looking north at the construction on 33rd Street, NW

John Bradshaw is much impressed by the response by the two MPD officers who answered his wife’s call and came to 33 street, by Councilmember Jack Evans’ office and by the GU police.  In addition, the dean of students called to apologize.  “She was very, very nice, very apologetic,” he said.  However, “honestly, it’s not her responsibility to apologize because he [the student] is an adult.” 

The Bradshaws have lived in Georgetown since 1999 and John is aware of the controversy over the GU campus plan.  Despite the incident, he says, “I’m more on the side of the side of the university,” pointing to the convenient GU athletic and other facilities and activities they take advantage of and the “exceedingly nice and wonderful” GU student-babysitters they use for their three kids. 

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Simon Jacobsen

Good lord. John Bradshaw is something like 6'-3 and 200 pounds. That kid doesn't know how lucky he was that Bradshaw's better angels were present.


[MPD said} “wasn’t in our jurisdiction” and drove off ... ?!?! Can Commander Reese or Chief Lanier please explain this?

How was Mr Evans' office involved? I'm shocked that the first set of MPD officers on the scene of a crime didn't respond because of a silly and and invisible line some cartographer bureaucrat drew down at the head office. Obviously the MPD did get involved despite the perp's plea, but why doesn't this incident show up on any of the 2D police reports filed since Thursday?

Take a look:

Did the student pay for the damage to all cars? This happened just 2-3 blocks from the Evans' home on P St.

Dave Roffman

There's a new sheriff in Town, and his name is John Bradshaw.


We share a similar story with the Bradshaw's. Sometime on Tuesday night, December 6th - someone entered the parking area off Potomac between O and N and smashed the sun roof of our SUV. They also walked on the roof causing further damage. Because it happened during a downpour, the interior of the SUV was also soaked. We are now working with the collision repair team and the insurance company. Perhaps there is more than 1 perp causing this damage. They are severly lacking in goodwill towards their neighbors.

The Heimbolds


Looks like MPD handed the kid off to the University (this seems to be the norm). What if this would have been a kid from SE? Difference in consequences?


Having read of many similar incidents of violence and public nuisance committed by GU students in our community, I can only be impressed that GU has an affirmative action program to give young offenders the chance to get a university education.


Why in the world did the first set of police ride off and say it wasn't their jurisdiction?


I'm glad the Bradshaws have their heads about them and aren't irrationally blaming the university or its campus plan for the incident.


MPD has an agreement with GU. It was stated on the Dish by chief Groomes. They are letting GU handle these issues "in house". It's convenient for both sides: MPD avoids arresting students and being accused of diverting resources from serious crimes, GU students are protected from law enforcement (that's why this incident, like many others involving GU, doesn't appear anywhere). The result is that we pay the price.

Want to know how many times MPD enforced the new noise law? Zero!


Good work John! Throw your neighbors under the bus, for what?
Remember that your neighbors are on your side. GU is not, no matter how much lip service you pay to them, they couldn't care less about you.

Robert Cena

I think may be he lost his control over steering of his car that's why this incident happened in Georgetown. I had an question run in my mind what do you mean to say as you mentioned in the bottom line that it “wasn’t in our jurisdiction” and drove off on Wisconsin Avenue? please give me detailed explanation to me?During this scene when a young man has been taken into the custody by police, did he paid anything to Sherrif for this damage happened by him through his car?According to me student was responsible for that incident which was happened by him , his responsibility was to do appolize for that incident which was happened by him.
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