A Forever Trend: The A-Line Skirt

Photo by April Jones Firoozabadi
Tan A-line skirt
Tan A-line skirt

As I sat and pondered a catchy name for the title of my column I wanted a fashion term, starting with the letter 'A' and something that represented a forever trend that stands the test of time.  So, welcome to The A Line, your place for everything fashion on The Georgetown Dish!

Lela Rose A-Line Skirt (Photo by: April Jones ) Lela Rose A-Line Skirt
For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, a-line refers to a cut of a skirt or dress that's fitted at the waist and gradually lets out down to the hemline, creating the shape of a capital letter A.

The a-line skirt is one of the hottest trend of trends for Spring/Summer 2011 - a season that's revived the ladylike attire from the '50s - and is truly an essential piece to any wardrobe.   I like to refer to the a-line skirt as a forever trend - something that you can pull out of your closets a few years down the road and it will still be in style!  It's a classic, feminine, flirty piece and a cut that truly flatters any woman's silhouette with it's hip-loving waist line and leg thinning, swingy bottom.  Plus, it's extremely versatile and works year-round.  In the winter, pair it with a pair of black opaque tights and a black fitted turtleneck and some chunky black suede heels.  In the warmer months, pair it with a crisp white button-down (tucked in) sans tights and a pair of strappy sandals.

Whether you opt for flirty, short and sexy or for a ladylike, neutral-colored knee-length a-line skirt, you won't regret incorporating this must-have piece!  Pop in to H&M, Zara or Barney's Coop in Georgetown where you'll be sure to find a fabulous selection of neutral, floral and bold colored a-line skirts to choose from.  

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Piazza Sempione's LaVia 18 A-line dress (Photo by: Dominique Fierro) Piazza Sempione's LaVia 18 A-line dress


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I've always thought of an 'A-line skirt" as exactly that - something that starts narrow at the waist and then gently flares out only slightly into the silhouette of an "A". It actually looks like a triangle when hanging from a hangar or on the body. A pleated skirt would not fit that description - and is entirely different because when the pleats are hanging straight on the hangar or on the body (as opposed to "swinging while walking") they don't create anything other than a straight up and down shape. An A-line skirt is sui generis.
"Former retail fashionista"