Flash mob robs Victoria's Secret in Georgetown mall

Photo by Fox 5
Security cameras don't always deter shoplifting
Security cameras don't always deter shoplifting

Police detectives are investigating a theft at a Victoria’s Secret store Monday afternoon located inside the Shops at Georgetown Park, Fox 5 reported.

Lt. John Hedgecock said two men and two women entered the store at 2 p.m. and within a matter of seconds, scooped up lingerie and took off on foot.

"We have some information that they may be using some of the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to schedule an event if you will," Hedgecock said.

Similar incidents have occurred throughout Georgetown and other parts of the city and D.C. Police has officers patrolling retail districts on foot and on segways to be able to respond faster.

Anchor Will Thomas explains why security cameras don't necessarily deter crime.


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Dave Roffman

Mob? What mob? Four people is not a mob.
This is called shoplifting by a group of thieves. It is a common practice in D.C. and has been going on for several decades now. Police on Segways won't deter the thieves. The thieves can run faster than any cop on a Segway. Lots of stores hire rent-a-cops to protect their merchandise. Perhaps Georgetown Park could install scanners at the entrances that go off when thieves walk thru the doors with stolen merchandise. Then the police at the door could arrest the thieves. No Segways needed.