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Ultra Violet Flowers
Ultra Violet Flowers

Not counting family, friends and pets. Or masks.


In the last six months, what have you discovered about yourself? What habits did you forgo, begin, rethink? How have you changed the way you spend your time and money? Any revelations you’d like to share? Please send either as comments below or to me directly if you’d like to post on The Dish.


I’ll go first:


1. Fresh flowers. A friend gifted me air plants recently so watching grass grow is my new favorite hobby. The indulgent luxe version is anything from my very, very favorite florist, Ultra Violet! But I fill vases with fresh blooms weekly. 

Air plants (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Air plants

2. European streaming services. Almost everything on MHz, Acorn and Britbox. I’ve spent the summer sleuthing in France, The Netherlands, England, Ireland with a quick weekend jaunt to Istanbul after Midsummer's Eve in Sweden. Now back to Ystad after a few weeks in Norway.

Wallander (Photo by: Wallander

3. Anti-aging supplements. I’ve been a fan of hair-growing Nutrafol for a few years. Just added collagen peptides, flax and pomegranate seeds to my morning smoothies.


Primal Collagen and Nutrafol (Photo by: Judith beermann) Primal Collagen and Nutrafol

4. Alcohol. Not so anti-aging, but essential just the same. Wine, wine, wine plus my new decadent pleasure: sipping Casa Dragones tequila before and 40-year-old port after dinner.

Casa Dragones Joven Tequila and Maynard's Porto Colheita (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Casa Dragones Joven Tequila and Maynard's Porto Colheita

5. Art. Some form of creative expression, always. But recently, I’ve resumed painting after 15 years of mostly doing graphic design and photography. 

Tinos, Greece (Photo by: Judith Beermann) Tinos, Greece

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Sylvia Margolin

I enjoyed reading about the five things you can't live without. I knew about some, but not all. Your descriptions and photos are rich. Thanks for sharing.


I love love love this piece! Here are my five things.

1. Scented candles. Especially Aveda Shampure.
2. Non alcoholic beer. Because pandemic or not, I am not drinking 3 days per week (I love Heineken 0 the best).
3. Fiction. Lots of fiction. Especially books by Victoria Hislop which take me back to Greece.
4. 9-grids by Qnity. Because this year has required "replanning" more often than typical...
5. Webinars and digital conferences from the beauty industry. To keep my mind sharp and hear from experts in my field, even remotely.