Fiona Greig to run against Jack Evans

Photo by The Georgetown Dish
IMG_2335.JPG Potential candidate Fiona Greig (center) with Rob Halligan and an aide Stephanie Wade in Dupont Circle
IMG_2335.JPG Potential candidate Fiona Greig (center) with Rob Halligan and an aide Stephanie Wade in Dupont Circle
Georgetown resident and potential D.C. Council candidate Fiona Greig met with a small group of Dupont Circle residents Monday night who urged her to take on 20-year incumbent Jack Evans to represent Ward 2.
Potential Ward 2 D.C. Council candidate Fiona Greig (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Potential Ward 2 D.C. Council candidate Fiona Greig
Arriving at the event on her bike, the 32-year-old McKinsey & Co. consultant told the group, "I believe we deserve better government, more efficient government, more ethical government and a full-time Councilmember [in a Council where there is] less profanity, that is open and accessible.”  
Grieg, a Harvard PhD, moved to Washington from Cambridge, MA in 2007 and lives on 27th street. "I'm not a Washingtonian," she said. "I’m fresh and don’t come with the baggage, special interest favors and promises I’ve made to people.”
Greig, who has been meeting with a group of supporters for some months and said she is still exploring a candidacy, said D.C. residents deserve a clearer, forward-thinking vision for the city. "I am representative of many people who come to D.C. and Ward 2 who want to stay here," she said. The community bank and microloan expert said residents need a “leader in the community to inform families of their choices." Greig said the ward needs "a 20-year vision for a secure community.”

Greig, married with a two-month old baby, said she feels “compelled to serve ...for my daughter where she can get a good education and enjoy living in the city.”

Greig (left) with Pat Wilson, the host of the Monday meet & greet. (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Greig (left) with Pat Wilson, the host of the Monday meet & greet.
Greig favors the recent tax increase from 8.5 to 8.95 percent for the District's highest-income residents. "I'm in favor of the tax increase [that just passed] while entering into conversation on how to increase efficiency of government.”  Greig said she would use her experience in federal and local budgets to “reduce and prevent deficits.” Budgets shouldn’t be a matter of “adding and subtracting, i.e., adding taxes or cutting services for the poor" she said. "You can find efficiencies ... it’s not too much to ask as a full-time Councilmember.”
Asked whether she would support the D.C.-subsidized new convention center and Adams Morgan luxury hotels as well as a new soccer stadium in Anacostia, Greig said economic development "is not simply through real estate, real estate, real estate….I don’t see why these projects couldn’t be 100% private funding.”
Greig said she recently met with Evans at Marvelous Market. "He gave a stump speech…a lot about past 20, 15, 10 years, not about the future.”
More about Greig's exploratory campaign is on Facebook.

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Peter Rosenstein

I always believe that incumbents should have challengers. It makes for good elections and the need for the incumbent to justify what they have done and to lay out their vision for the future. I have not always supported Jack Evans as many people know and we don't always agree on many issues. But he does have a record of service to constituents in Ward 2 and he has always had a very responsive staff.

I think challengers have the same responsiblities. It's not enough to say I am new. My concern with Ms. Greig is that she apparently has no record of community involvement in the more than 4 years she has lived in the District. I am all for new blood but it will be interesting to hear from her if she had been involved in the community in the past more than 4 years, what she has done, and what her views are on the issues in Ward 2. These issues include zoning, parking, liquor licenses, moratoriums, dog parks, tree planting, community policing, and the GLLU to name just a few.

Ms. Greig is running for Council in Ward 2 not for Mayor or an at-large seat so her views on the parochial issues impacting the people of Ward 2 will be very important to hear.

I look forward to learning more about her.

Anonymous, Too

From her Facebook Page:
Committed to the needs of District residents, in 2009 Fiona started the District’s first financial inclusion program called “Bank on DC” to help unbanked District residents get access to financial services and education. She built a coalition of banks, credit unions, and community organizations to offer the Bank on DC account. Today 3,500 Bank on DC accounts have been opened, including 1,400 among youth in the District’s Summer Youth Employment Program. For her leadership with Bank on DC, she was nominated as a Young Women of Achievement by the Women’s Information Network.

Alex Duncan

I agree with Peter for the most part. Fiona stands for nothing. Her website says "help me to defeat Jack Evans."

The haters will generate some votes for her, but Ward 2 residents want to know more than what she WILL do. They want to know what she HAS done.

Fiona will make it a more interesting race and give the haters someone to get behind, but little more. Just not enough time for her to make a dent in Ward 2. Riding a bike and opposing the tax increase is not enough.

And someone please tell Rob Halligan that the stache needs to go. Gross!


Ditto--at PR @1:31P--except for one thing.
Of course Ms Greig is running for Mayor: one step at a time.


It is time for the D.C. Council's longest-serving member, Jack Evans, to step down.

His lack of leadership is the main reason the council is dysfunctional. His influence has waned, and his efficiency is non-existent.

DC 4

Look at every deal Evans has had his hands on, it has turned out bad for the city. Baseball stadium, convention center, etc. He must go!


Evans is needed now on the Council more than ever. He knows the ropes and has changed Ward 2 from a desolate dump to the premier area of the city.

Fiona has done nothing in the Ward and is unknown. She can knock on as many doors as she'd like, it just ain't gonna matter.



Your candidate needs to campaign as if it was his first and most important campaign. Anything less, he risks not being reelected. We need and want Jack Evans, but we need him to become more engaged and interested in the avarage resident, not just developers and business interests. He can do it, tell him that he needs to stomp hard on the trail. He can outcampaign and outfox his challenger.



I'm all for supporting "Not Jack". I called his office to discuss parking concerns, and was told that I shouldn't have purchased a home in Georgetown if I wanted to park a car. Jack doesn't take the parking problem seriously because he parks illegally anywhere he wants (take a walk in the morning to P and 30th St. where his car with Ward 2 tags is almost always parked in the No Parking zone before the stop sign). I'd be very interested to see a list of the recipients of all the DC pro sporting tickets he has handed out from his constituent fund.

On 33rd

I very seriously doubt any elected official's office would say something so ridiculous, so it is clear that you have an ax to grind with Evans.

What planet do you live on anyway? He has walked that project with the ANC and residents several times. I live close by and his office got 2 tickets dismissed that were issued incorrectly. Sounds like a case of grumpy resident syndrome to me.

This shows exactly what Fiona has going for her. A few residents unhappy with their lot in life who choose to blame Evans for all of their problems. Won't get you very far.



Fiona will now be known as NOT JACK. Hey, it will get her a few hundred votes most likely! Ha! Ha!


On 33rd:
I agree with you -- it is absolutely ridiculous for an elected official's office to say what was said to me. ('You shouldn't have purchased a house in Georgetown if you wanted to park a car') . This is precisely why, after it was said to me, I decided to support "Not Jack" and to publicize this comment.

On abuse of parking privileges by Evans -- see:

Anyone walking early in the morning will see he regularly continues to park there.

On abuse of consitutent fund to purchase sporting tickets see

Jim Eastman

Note to anonymous: Jack Evans parks his car illegally at the corner of 32nd and P Streets (not 30th Street). It is a violation of the law and he does not care. What an example to set! The law states a councilman may park his car in a no-parking zone while on official council business. However, that spot where Evans illegally parks his car is a half a block away from his home. He is not on council business, he is home! Ticket the bum.

On 33rd

Wow. You really do have an ax to grind! Get of the house much? Need a hobby?

1) It is impossible for any Councilmember to park illegally, re they can park wherever they want.

2) Maybe the kids at Children's Hospital who got tickets to go to a baseball game should be dragged down to the Council for a hearing. Sound good to you?

The day drinkin has got to stop!

Jim Eastman

One last time (because apparently you did not read what I wrote). City law allows members of the city council to park in no-parking zones WHILE ON OFFICIAL CITY BUSINESS. No-parking zones were never intended to be a city council member's full-time parking spot. If he doesn't have a parking place at his home, he can rent or buy one. But parking illegally all the time is simply that -- illegal, and a bad example for a city council member to set.

No, I don't think the kids at Children's Hospital who got baseball tickets should be dragged down to the council for a hearing? What does that have to do with illegal parking?

Finally, personal attacks add nothing to the dialogue here.

David Sealock


You need a new cause in our neighborhood. Aren't there more important issues for you to be worried about? Do you really spend this much time thinking about one man and where he parks his car?

It would appear that the bum on the street might be a very bored bum!

Life must be good for you....

Jim Eastman

The illegally parked car is symptomatic of an attitude on the city council. It's part of a bigger problem in which the Democrats on the city council feel above the law. You know there are numerous examples of this. They are overpaid, the city taxes are too high, the city government is too big and incompetent -- it's a long list. And look at the front page of The Washington Post today. Our mayor is under investigation by a grand jury.

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about where one man parks his car. Someone else brought the issue up here (scroll up) and I just agreed and clarified where it's parked.

Life is good -- living here could be better if the city were managed ethically and responsibly. I know many agree with me.

Anonymous, Too

@"On 33rd", you raise some very good points.

1) Since Fiona and her family are carless, she bikes everywhere, and is committed to improving public transportation, the parking "perk" won't be a distraction;

2) How about a review of Jack's record? Let's see: JackPAC, triple-dipping with constituent funds, questionable developer deals w/public property, conflicts of interest with PattonBoggs clients (Marriott, NorthrupGrumman, Convention Ctr, Baseball Stadium, etc) and $100 mil-plus gone missing from DC coffers since he has headed up Finance & Revenue committee. Fiona has already created a bank for underserved DC residents and clearly has the insight, experience and energy to tackle longstanding structural problems in Ward 2.

When Jack was first installed on the Council, Fiona was 12! 20 years is enough! Time for a change.


Here's another reason Jack must go: He did an end-run around the public to get his buddies in the St. Patrick's Day Club an exemption from the smokefree workplaces law. Although he complained loudly when other councilmembers skipped the committee process on a key budget issue, that's exactly what he did this summer when he and Michael Brown pushed an exemption to the no-smoking law. (See Now it is codified in law that two events per year can break a popular and effective health and safety law. There was no hearing, no chance for public input. It's cronyism and bad policymaking. He even admitted that if he had tried to get the exemption the aboveboard way - with public hearings and all the rest - he wouldn't have won. (See Yup, time for him to go.