EXCLUSIVE: Fiona Greig drops Ward 2 Council race

Photo by The Georgetown Dish
Fiona Greig, the former candidate for the Ward 2 city council seat
Fiona Greig, the former candidate for the Ward 2 city council seat

Fiona Greig, who recently declared her candidacy against Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, has dropped out of the race.  “I’m not running,” she said in a brief interview this morning, referring the caller to the statement on her web site, http://www.fiona2012.org/statement. “I have decided not to run for the Ward 2 seat on the D.C. Council,” she says, citing as her main reason that she was the target of “an intimidation campaign by a 20-year-incumbent and his supporters.”

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If the comments about intimidation from the incumbent's campaign are true, it is not only disallusioning for those of us who vote in Ward 2, but rather frightening as well - sounds more like Mafia-style techniques than an open political process.

Who Should Apologize?

All sounds a little cliche to me. Man with a cigar peering into the window? Why didn't Mr. Archer call the police?

This makes female candidates look weak and unable to hang with the big boys. Too bad, but everyone knew Fiona didn't have it in her. Her only platform was "I'm not Jack." Would not have gotten her very far anyway.

Most are aware that Fiona had to be talked into running anyway. Ken Archer, David Alpert, Elissa Silverman, and Charles Allen did her a disservice - she was clearly not up to it.