Evans challenger decamps

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Cary Silverman, Ward 2 Council candidate in 2008
Cary Silverman, Ward 2 Council candidate in 2008

Mt. Vernon Square resident and 2008 challenger to incumbent Councilmember Jack Evans Cary Silverman is moving to Rockville, Md., taking himself out of the running for the 2012 Ward 2 election. Silverman got 35% of the vote against Evans in the 2008 Democratic primary. Although he will keep his house on M Street near the Convention Center, Silverman, who was president of the Mt. Vernon Square Community Association and served as an ANC, will practice politics from a new home in "the countryside," he said.

Supporters Deedee Slewka and Thais Austin at a 2008 campaign rally for Silverman (Photo by: Facebook) Supporters Deedee Slewka and Thais Austin at a 2008 campaign rally for Silverman

"I'll still have a hand in D.C. politics, don't worry about that," said the attorney, who coordinates pro bono activities at law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, where his public policy work focuses on product liability, tort and consumer law, as well as civil justice reform.  "I've got a few hands to spare." Silverman also represents a Guantanamo detainee and provides counsel to several Washington nonprofit organizations.

Evans has represented Ward 2 since his election in 1991, succeeding John A. Wilson.



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Anonymous, Too

Well, that will save Evans a lot of trouble! Now he won't have to send his henchmen (and women) in to gerrymander MVS out of Ward like he did in 2001 with Foxhall Village after a neighbor there ran against him.

Phil Langly

Like this guy was ever even a threat. This is news? Who cares that he is moving to the SUBURBS?

Although it does beg the question - who would run for W2 council and then move to the burbs? Maybe he knew his political life in DC was over. Which it can't be re it never started!

Oh yeah - the only henchmen I see around W2 come from this hood!


Anonymous, Too: MVS is in Ward 6, not Ward 2.


Cary is a very responsible and concerned citizen; it'll be a shame to see him live DC!!

Beth Solomon

Dear Anonymous: Thanks for your careful reading. Cary's block on M Street is on the edge of Ward 2. When redistricting takes place, it may well be in Ward 6. Cheers, and thanks for your comments, Beth


Cary will be missed as much as anything else for being that cheerful neighbor you pass by walking his dog "and cat" when you're on your way out to work. He always says hello and takes a genuine interest in the live of his neighbors. He has been a great community partner and has always been hardworking community leader.

East of the River

It will only take the anointing of a new candidate by Gray, Brown, Cheh, Mendo, Barry & Co to topple Evans. Evans had best learn to play nicer with his colleagues or suffer the fate of his boy Fenty.


Black people in Shaw won't miss Carry Silverman. He is an arrogant self-serving little man. He divided the community between racial and class lines. Had he remained in Ward 2 Blacks would have rallied behind Jack Evans to defeat Silverman in Ward 2.


Evans will have no problem in 2012. He has a record to stand on, the ability to raise major cash, and the benefits of incumbency. Brown and the like better worry about paying their bills and taxes before trying to topple Evans.