Photo by Kristina D'Ambrosio
Sean Randall, Lily Mazahery, Grant Allen, Katherine Kennedy
Sean Randall, Lily Mazahery, Grant Allen, Katherine Kennedy

On Tuesday I attended an event in Downtown D.C. …  Not your typical philanthropic blowout at Dumbarton Oaks. This event was held in a tenantless retail space, the former Borders Bookstore at 18th and L.  The event was StartupDC’s, Entreprelooza, attended by over 200 supporters.  The cause was to celebrate D.C.’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and unique talents as well as raise money for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.  The Network has been inspiring young people to pursue educational opportunities and start their own businesses, and they have done so by providing entrepreneurship education programs relevant to the real world.  “NFTE empowers students to own their educations in and out of the classroom and to find their own path to success.”

Guests watched the east coast premiere of CTRL, ALT ... Compete, a documentary about startup life, which recently debuted at the Napa Film Festival, and D.C. Mayor Vince Gray spoke to the crowd of almost 200 entrepreneurs.

Why this matters

Jobs, creativity, passion, and community: DC Mayor Vince Gray was "excited to be a part of the growth of the tech sector in DC, and spoke about the District's Tech Incentive Program.  "We are trying to create a very inviting environment for high technology startups in DC to reduce costs and grow. I think this is the next huge plank of our economy in the city, and it's exciting."

How more can be done

Support the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship by attending their gala this May at the Ritz-Carlton, West End or by donating at Dare to Dream.