Editorial: Biddle for interim At-large Councilmember

Photo by dc.gov
D.C. Council candidate Sekou Biddle
D.C. Council candidate Sekou Biddle
Thursday evening, the D.C. Democratic State Committee will vote to temporarily fill the vacancy created by Kwame Brown’s resignation to be Chairman of the 13-member D.C. Council.

Chartered by the Democratic National Committee as the elected representatives of the Democratic voters in the District of Columbia, the Committee's purpose is to provide input in the affairs of the Democratic Party at the block, precinct, state and national level. They will make a temporary choice to fill an important D.C. Council seat on District voters' behalf.
Candidate Sekou Biddle has a remarkable professional resume and solid record as an elected
The Biddle Family: Theo, Cara, Rashad and Sekou (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) The Biddle Family: Theo, Cara, Rashad and Sekou
official.  As executive director of Jumpstart, he successfully pairs adults and preschool-aged children to ready the youngsters for academic success.   On the school board since 2007, first from Wards 3 and 4, and now from upper northwest Ward 4, he has shown his dedication to education reform that includes an open-door policy to make sure all parties are heard before decisions are made.
We are also impressed by his "jumpstart" campaign.  He has honed his message of education reform and scored impressive first-round victories, including trouncing his main opponent in a Ward 6 straw poll. Biddle’s raft of D.C. Council endorsements shows his citywide appeal, including from Mary Cheh (Ward 3), Harry Thomas (Ward 5), Muriel Bowser (Ward 4), Yvette Alexander (Ward 7), Marion Barry (Ward 8) and Chairman Brown.  In addition, Mayor Vincent Gray is clearly leaning his way via the endorsement by his top advisor, Lorraine Green, as reported by The Georgetown Dish.

Who is voting on our behalf? Ward 2 and Ward 3 Democratic State Committee members include: Chairman Patrick Allen, Sheryl Kimbel, Paige Wedderburn, Dan Wedderburn, Jerusa Carl Wilson of Ward 2; Patricia Elwood, Shelley Tompkin, Robert Brandon, Horace Kreitzman and Chairman Tom Smith of Ward 3.
Their decision on Thursday will hold only until April 26, when the voters, no matter their party, choose a new councilmember to serve the remaining two years of Chairman Brown’s at-large term. Until then, The Georgetown Dish urges a vote for Sekou Biddle, the Ward 4 member of the State Board of Education, as the State Committee choice.