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3307 M Street NW
3307 M Street NW

Concept 31/M, named for its location at the corner of 31st and M Street, is the conversion of Brooks Brothers by EastBanc Inc. into a retail lab concept to help local businesses struggling to remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic. EastBanc founder and president, Anthony Lanier calls Concept 31/M, “a space that inspires brands to create, and inspires our community to come in again and again...”


The first of its kind in Washington, DC, this retail lab is a creative platform for brands to experiment, test new products, and connect with shoppers.  


Washington Business Journal reports that early in March  jewelry designers Kicheko Goods, Isabel Alexander, Greek sandals brand Laiik and athletic clothing retailer Flex All Day will begin occupying space at Concept 31/M..

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Merchants will have the option of signing up for leases as short as 60 days to start in a section of the larger space, which will include a coffee bar and can ultimately accomodate approximately 20 tenants. 


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Vicki Johnson

This is a brilliant idea and allows for so many small businesses the ability to test the market. Thrilled!