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Dr. Harlan Ullman
Dr. Harlan Ullman

Dr. Harlan Ullman, Georgetown resident, discussed his latest book Anatomy of Failure: Why America Loses Every War It Starts with a capacity crowd on Thursday night at the City Tavern Club.


Dr. Ullman's book has been called a "must read" by former Secretaries of State General Colin Powell and Senator John Kerry and termed a combination of a Tom Clancy thriller with the gravitas of Karl Von Clausewitz by House of Cards creator Lord Michael Dobbs.

Dr. Harlan Ullman at City Tavern Club (Photo by: City Tavern Club) Dr. Harlan Ullman at City Tavern Club


The author points to the failure of presidents and administrations to use sound strategic thinking and have sufficient knowledge of the circumstances prior to deciding whether or not to employ force.


Recommended solutions begin with a "brains-based" approach to sound strategic thinking to address one of the major causes of failure--the inexperience of too many of the nation's commanders-in-chief. Ullman reinforces his argument through the use of autobiographical vignettes that provide a human dimension and insight into the reasons for failure.


An engaging speaker, Dr. Ullman regaled the audience with his engaging approach and in-depth understanding of recent military history. 

Dr. Ullman is a member of the City Tavern Club of Georgetown.

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Dr. Richard Meyer

The talk was most interesting and provocative, and much enjoyed by the audience.