Current: Brodsky should step down on Georgetown and other cases

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Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Chairman Charles Brodsky
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Chairman Charles Brodsky

The Georgetown Current is urging the city's top alcohol regulatory official to step down from cases in Georgetown, Capitol Hill and parts of downtown, where the official's private business interests require approvals from local ANCs.  In its Wednesday, March 2 issue, a Current editorial states:

"Charles Brodsky chairs the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, which acts as arbiter between liquor-serving establishments and their neighbors. He also heads Washington Sports and Events Management LLC, which runs an annual triathlon through the city.

At first glance, the two gigs don't seem to conflict. But recently, Georgetowners have complained about an overlap: Mr. Brodsky's private business requires the support of residents along the race's route, while residents want the chair's support when seeking limits on local bars and restaurants.

The possible conflict came to light when Mr. Brodsky attended a meeting of the Georgetown advisory nighborhood commission in November to seek support for road closings for his race -- ad then stayed on while commissioners discussed liquor licenses.

Mr. Brodsky has responded to the issue by recusing himself on cases discussed at that November meeting and promising to send another representative of his company to future meetings.

Mr. Brodsky's company consistently seeks the support of advisory neighborhood commissions in the three parts of the city where the race requires street closures: Georgetown, Capitol Hill and parts of downtown. Since his interest in the decisions will be evident even if he is not present during the discussion, we think he should step down on all liquor cases in those neighborhoods.

The same principle would apply were Mr. Brodsky, or another member of a city entity like the alcohol board, to seek resident support for a building addition or development project. But the consistency in this case -- the race takes place every year -- makes the matter all the more pressing.

We hop Mr. Brodsky will rethink the issue. Whether there is actual conflict is irrelevant; even the appearance is a problem."

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Finally we are confronting duplicity and conflicts in the system. Now how about carrying it further by examining the conflicts between elected ANC represebtatives who are actively involved in the real estate business and support those interests which make them money over the interests of the residents who are having their neighborhoods destroyed by large commercial and educational conversions of residences into retail, food service, higher education and other commercial activities.

Take a look at SMD05 where the ANC representative is a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at a large bank giving him inside information on Georgetown real estate transaction.


This editorial is right on the mark. If you have a business interest in front of the ANC, you should recuse yourself from any of those cases on the Board, period. I do not agree that it is only the appearance that is the problem -- What if an ANC rejects his route (as have some ancs)? He may want revenge as well and can take it out on that ANC. He claimed at the oversight hearing that he would only recuse himself from the cases that were discussed while he attended the ANC hearing -- DUH! Why does it matter if he attends or one of his employees attend? Its the same darn thing. Also, make those attorney general opinions public. We all want to see them.

As for SMD05, investigate him too!

Brett Rather

I agree. The clear conflict of interest with ANC commissioners is apparent. Hey Georgetown Dish why not do a piece on that?? This reader is calling on the editors of the Dish to do a closer dig instead of focusing on the ABC Board which I think has done a great job.


Bravo Anonymous - its time to call out the ANC2E folks who have a conflict of interest. Anytime you read about the ANC2E complaining about property values you can look right at LR and realize she wants to make more money - keep making more money, and then move out of the neighborhood. And they have a problem with someone from GPPI giving advice to Kwame Brown. Total BS.