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The Sofa
The Sofa

Neither an elephant nor a donkey was around to have a seat on this flashy sofa but, as intended, the PR gig did get some congressional derrieres.

Here’s the story line: This red and blue bipartisan Made In America sofa was parked at the U.S. Capitol to showcase a campaign effort designed to: (1) call attention to job losses on American soil, and, (2) close the divide, at least for a while, between political parties.

Barbara Hawthorn, chair, Advisory Council, Made in America Foundation (Photo by: Kevin Allen Photography) Barbara Hawthorn, chair, Advisory Council, Made in America Foundation

Members of all political persuasions were invited to sit on the sofa in a show of unity.

High-end furniture manufacturer Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, winner of the 2013 “Best” MADE: In America award, handcrafted the sofa.

“Our manufacturing facility is located in High Point, North Carolina, where many, many companies have had to shut down or give in to overseas manufacturing,” said Gregg Arrington, VP of Operations.

The Couch in Congress project was done in partnership with MADE: In America, a non-profit educational organization based in Washington, D.C.  Although there wasn’t a scramble to do so, a few members did pose on the sofa at the Rayburn Building foyer during the three hours it was displayed there last week.  No political deals were reached—but it was a sofa, not a love seat.

MADE: In America, chaired by James DeLorbe, aims to foster a business climate conducive to the free exchange of ideas and information for the purpose of revitalizing and sustaining the competitiveness of American commerce and industry in a global economy. 

MADE: In America is comprised of business leaders, public policy makers, educators and citizens dedicated to designing and articulating a new way to promote American enterprise.





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James De Lorbe

The design team at Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman (EF/LM)perfectly captured the essence of the BEST: Made in America award with the bipartisan sofa. After undergoing a rigorous review and vetting process, EF/LM beat out the competition and was presented this prestigious award for 2013. This incredible company, owned by Steve Mittman, won the award for not only making the finest furniture in the world, but for its commitment to doing so here in the United States and providing jobs for scores of creative and talented artisans.

New company President Crans Baldwin, widely respected throughout the industry, is working with company veterans Gregg Arrington, Phillip Jeffries and incredibly talented designers including DC's own David Herchick to create furniture that is on the must have lists of leading designers and their noted clients around the world.

Washington is fortunate to have a beautiful EF/LM Showroom located at the Washington Design Center. Designers and their clients have the pleasure of working there with the fabulous and well loved team of Annie O'Connell-De Meo and Joanna Mon, who have furnished many ofthe areas most fabulous homes.

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about this incredible American compny

James De Lorbe
Founder and Chair
MADE: In America

Cheryl Creasey

I was happy to be a part of the process, for the made in America sofa.Our work room was very proud of the out come,and we are proud to be a part of EFLM family