Catania considers run for AG as scandals mount

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New sheriff in town? What a campaign poster might look like.
New sheriff in town? What a campaign poster might look like.

At-large Councilmember David Catania indicated interest in a run for Attorney General when that position becomes an elected post in 2014. "I'm open to that," he said on WPFW's D.C. Politics hour Thursday. "I read the newspaper like everyone else," he said, expressing dismay at ongoing scandals in the D.C. government.

"If we can't police ourselves, there are members of Congress who would like to step in and do it," said show host Chuck Thies. Catania, a graduate of Georgetown Law and the University's School of Foreign Service, has been recognized for his legal acumen and oversight efforts on certain issues.

D.C. voters in November overwhelmingly approved a new law that makes the AG an elected office as of 2014, but many are calling for increased oversight to investigate apparent improprieties now.

Charges of corruption have dogged the offices of Mayor Vincent Gray, Council Chairman Kwame Brown, Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr., Alcohol Beverage Control Board Chairman Charles Brodsky, and now DCPS with the testing scandal.

Catania also endorsed candidate Sekou Biddle for the April 26 special election for an at-large seat on the Council, calling him a “very serious, thoughtful, honest man,” according to The Washington Post.

Biddle, a graduate of D.C. public schools and a former teacher, said Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson must address ongoing turmoil at Hardy Middle School.

Next week's show Thursday at 11:00 on WPFW 89.3FM will tackle the budget, said Thies.

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More inbred thinking from "a free press" corrupted by govt interests. Catania does a great job on the Council; he should stay there as along as possible. It's insulting that the inbred press points only to the same old tired cast of characters (and their anointed cronies) when this city if full of over qualified smart candidates for higher office.

It's pathetic that the press thinks that the recent scandals — as embarrassing as they are for the city and which amount to a relative pittance of misspent tax dollars — are more worthy of ad nauseum snews coverage on the brink of the Mayor releasing his April Fool's Day Budget which will address millions of tax dollars and directly affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of DC residents.


Hellll to the no, not David Catania, too vindictive and racist. It would be a race war in this town.

Tacki Maralago

The current Chairman of Boards and Commissions is supposed to be like our Secretary of State. Can we please get a Chairman who is not from a political club or three? The current Chairman of the Board Commission is a member of the Democratic State Committee, has served in many Wilson Bldg insider positions and who knows more people than The Dutchess of Windsor. Is it any wonder Mayor Gray is hiring the kids of friends with a culture like this in control and calling the shots at the Wilson Bldg. ?


I agree with Chuck Thies, if we can't police ourselves we can't complain if Congress or the FBI does it for us.

The mess with Kwame Brown and Sulaimon Brown can't go on forever. Also, Harry Thomas Jr. That seems to have disappeared into the DC Attorney General's office.