Candidate Ray pitches business

Clark Ray, the former D.C. parks & recreation director who is running against three-term Councilmember Phil Mendelson in the September Democratic primary, made his case to the business community last week.  Ray addressed a conference room high above Franklin Square on K Street at a breakfast hosted by Reed Smith lawyer A. Scott Bolden, the  who unsuccessfully ran against Mendelson and is now defending allies of the Mayor charged with improperly receiving District contracts.

Ray addressed an audience that included former Councilmember Harold Brazil, Holland & Knight attorney Rod Woodson, Medstar health executive Michael C. Rogers, stating his support for less business regulation, more jobs for D.C. residents through development of the District’s workforce and expanded vocational education and for firm fiscal accountability.

The attendees included Aaron Jakulla, the candidate, Laurie Collins, Remi Parker and Rokas Beresniovas

Clark critized the District's purchase of the United Medical Center in Southeast, saying D.C. should “not run a hospital [but that it] had no choice” because it had to prevent overloading other hospitals, such as Howard, Providence, Prince George’s and Washington Hospital Center.

Ray supporter Peter Rosenstein closed the meeting by pointing to support for the campaign across the District and asked for contributions “for a strong, independent voice,” specifically asking for $75,000 for direct mail “to get our message out."

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Ugly Truth

The Ray campaign is starting to look desperate.

The Tatler

desperate? Mendelson has done a 180 on streetcars....things that make you go hmmmm. where is Phil STATEHOOD Mendelson? maybe he can pander for that vote too!


...Ray's energetic campaign doesn't look desperate-- more like he wants the job.

In these 'desperate' economic times, as if interviewing, his campaign is going above and beyond to get the job.