Bryan Weaver for City Council (At-Large)

Photo by Bryan Weaver campaign site
Bryan Weaver
Bryan Weaver

For 20 years, I have known and worked with Bryan Weaver, candidate for the At-Large special election, on many progressive causes. Bryan is an independent, progressive Democrat who wants to bring oversight, accountability and reform to the Council of the District of Columbia.

Bryan served four terms (eight years) on the Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and he served as Chair for three years. An extremely active and engaged commission, it routinely deals with complex issues such as public safety, liquor licensing, building livable, urban communities, strengthening multi-cultural neighborhoods and encouraging business development. As a member and leader of this Commission, Bryan has years of experience in one of the busiest, most diverse and dynamic communities of Washington, D.C.

Bryan is concerned about the path our city seems to be taking and believes it needs to get its house in order, starting with instituting sweeping ethics reforms for the Council: no secondary jobs for council members and no foreign travel paid for by third parties for council members, for starters. And, it is past time that we reform our campaign finance laws.

In order to close the budget gap, Bryan believes that before we cut services to our most vulnerable residents, we must collect money we’re owed, including millions in unpaid parking tickets, millions in uncollected Medicaid reimbursements, and implementing combined reporting for multi-million dollar corporation.

Bryan also believes we need to rewrite the entire District of Columbia tax code. He supports a progressive tax code that will create six tiers of taxation within the District. Tax rates would begin at $10K, with an increase at $40K, another increase at $124K, another increase at $350K and a final increase at $1.5M. This would lessen the tax burden for some our city’s neediest residents as well as more equitably distribute the tax burden and increase revenues without dramatically increasing taxes.

He is a strong advocate for education reform. He believes that in order to bring about true reform to our education system, we must put our most qualified teachers in our lowest performing schools so all children have an opportunity to learn. In addition, capital improvement projects in our schools must be equally spread-out through all Wards. But education reform doesn’t begin and end at the schoolhouse door. Bryan believes that to really improve the lives of young people in this city, we need sweeping reforms to the juvenile justice system as well as how we protect our most vulnerable young people.

Bryan is the founder and director of Hoops Sagrado, a youth leadership and development nonprofit that works with at-risk young people in Washington, D.C. and Guatemala.

On his own time, Bryan has taken on several mentoring roles for young kids in Washington D.C., from serving as a tutor at Good Shepherd’s Teen Learning Center, to coaching high school basketball for Hyde Leadership Academy and The Adams Morgan Knights, to working with other D.C. nonprofit organizations to help young people stay in school and off the streets.

Burleith resident Cathy St. Denis (Photo by: Cathy St. Denis) Burleith resident Cathy St. Denis
Prior to founding Hoops Sagrado, Bryan worked for many progressive causes, including the Education Trust, a national think tank dedicated to education policy, the Stand Up for Steel Campaign, and the 2004 Athens Olympic Committee Bid. Bryan began in politics as an aide to the late Senator Paul Wellstone and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Bryan received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis on race and public policy from Howard University. He is a 20-year resident of Washington, D.C. He has lived in Pleasant Plains, Columbia Heights and currently resides in Adams Morgan with his wife Maria Cardona and their two children — 6-year old Sebastian and 4-year old MayaLuna.

He is a committed, hard-working, tireless advocate for the District and all its residents.  He produces results, and in a time of too much gridlock, that speaks volumes. I will vote for Bryan Weaver on April 26, as will many of my friends and neighbors, because we believe that he will be the best advocate for the residents of D.C. If you believe in a better city, then I hope you too will vote for Bryan Weaver.

Cathy St. Denis has lived and worked in the District for more than 20 years and is currently a Burleith resident. She is a communications strategist and has worked in both the public and private sectors.