Brooke Pinto is the Best Ward 2 Candidate to Fight for the Rights of Senior Citizens

Photo by Brooke Pinto
Brooke Pinto
Brooke Pinto

Written by Howard Marks, Founder, Ward 2 Better Government Association


Brooke Pinto has both the experience and the commitment to make a difference on the DC Council in the lives of seniors. That’s why I’m supporting her in the Ward 2 race.


Brooke’s commitment to the long-living started early in her career working at the Brookdale Senior Living Community in New York City where she advised residents on healthcare options. She particularly bonded with a resident named Gil, whose wife had passed away and son could only visit once a month. Brooke ate every meal with Gil and became a surrogate daughter. She even played matchmaker, setting him up with a new girlfriend in the community.


Later, Brooke worked as a Health and Aging Fellow in the U.S. Senate for Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). The majority of her work focused on the Subcommittee on Aging where she dealt with issues around robocalling abuse, healthcare access, and the mistreatment of seniors.  Brooke also helped a constituent who was being defrauded by her own children stealing her assets. Brooke ensured all of the woman’s money was returned to her and that the children were prevented from abusing her again.  


Today, as seniors are the population most vulnerable to COVID-19, we need a strong and steadfast advocate like Brooke on the DC Council to get us through this crisis. She has pledged to make medication delivery permanent under her COVID-19 Relief & Resiliency plan, ensuring we don’t unnecessarily put ourselves at risk to the virus.


She favors the establishment of clear rules and strict enforcement around dockless electric scooters so our sidewalks are safe for everyone, including the elderly and disabled.


Lastly, and most importantly, she plans to expand affordable options for senior living communities and long-term care, as well as increase subsidies for in-home care options. This will provide the long-living—like myself—quality physical, social, and emotional stimulation regardless of their financial status.


Because Brooke is the only candidate with a platform that specifically addresses senior issues and the career experience to successfully see it through, I encourage you to join me in supporting her candidacy for Ward 2 Councilperson.

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Is Brooke committed to living and voting in dc? she just moved to logan circle to run for this race and has not voted here before.

Setting the record straight

With all due respect, that's false information. Brooke has lived in Ward 2 since 2014 when she began attending Georgetown Law. She has been a strong part of our community, volunteering and doing pro bono legal work with the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless throughout this time. Don't forget, she also served us at the Office of the Attorney General. If more of our neighbors had the same dedication to public service and helping the community like she does, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in now needing the June 16th Special Election.

Joe Gibbons

Dear All,
Brooke is not the only candidate with experience working with and for seniors. Patrick Kennedy has many years of experience collaborating with Ward 2 seniors.

While Chair of ANC2A, Patrick helped direct PUD monies to the Foggy Bottom West Village so that it could help expand its role of helping individuals age in place.

Patrick also has served on the board of directors of St Mary’s Court, a HUD senior housing faculty in Foggy Bottom.

He has fought for more senior protections for some of the most vulnerable senior sub-populations, such as LGBTQ seniors, and has been delivering meals to individuals who find themselves shut-in throughout the pandemic through Jose Andres' World Food Kitchen.

Finally, when I served as the ANC2E Chair (I am the current ANC2E02 Commissioner), Patrick and I worked together to hold the first Ward 2 Town Hall on the Dockless Bike Share Program. Patrick is a leading advocate for pedestrian safety. He understands that Georgetown has a different walkway infrastructure then other parts of Ward 2. Patrick’s Ward 2 experience is invaluable.

Thank you,
Joe Gibbons

Ed from Dupont

Patrick Kennedy, a supposed Democrat, was bought by a SuperPAC funded by secret, dark money, right-wing Republicans that make the Koch Brothers look innocent. The group is called DFER, and if you look them up, their name is Democrats for Education Reform. Their name is about the only thing democratic about them as their pro-charter school and anti-teachers union agenda wreaks of Republican private interest stench.

Kennedy has refused to distance himself from this group despite taking public money from the Fair Elections Program that makes Super PAC or corporate contributions illegal. He also claims on his website that he won't take PAC or corporate money. That makes him both a hypocrite and liar. He's accepted 6 mailings thus far and the math behind them is simple:

At over $17,000 per mailing for the 6 mailings to the 31,000 Democratic voters in Ward 2 this Super PAC is now estimated to have spent over $100,000 to elect Kennedy. Such huge spending by an out-of-state Super PAC on a candidate is violating both the spirit and intent of taxpayer funding of campaigns under DC's Fair Elections Act.

You can see ALL of DFER's mailers in support of Patrick Kennedy here:

Kennedy's tacit acceptance of this support and his refusal to disavow this intervention into the Ward 2 election by this out-of-state Super PAC is undermining the spirit and intent of public campaign financing in the District of Columbia.

Kennedy should explain to the voters what he knows about the situation and why he believes this pro charter school Super PAC is spending such a large amount of money to elect him.


She’s never voted in DC. She’s had one full time job in her whole life, which she has held for 2 years (source: her LinkedIn). How does that make her qualified ?


Ed from Dupont sues all of his neighbors, had a restraining order taken out against him, and was ordered by a judge to pay $30,000 under the District’s anti-SLAPP statute last year for his unceasing harassment:


Yikes. If Ed Hanlon from Dupont is campaigning for Brook, that's a very bad sign.

Longtime Georgetown Resident

The article has so many personal unknown anecdotes about Pinto, it seems it was written by her. Why is the dish publishing such falsities as an op-ed piece. Shame on poor journalism. Pinto has only worked 2 years and has little experience needed for our community or our city. In addition, her base of support is shallow. Her parents in Greenwich and Palm Beach are financing her in this lark. And her campaign information does not have concrete policy just generalizations that politicians often use. Patrick Kennedy is Jack 2.0!. We will be cleaning up his scandals soon enough. A letter from prominent lobbyists stated they were helping him with his political education through raising money. Has there ever been a more quid pro quo statement? Mr Gibbons only endorses Kennedy because of his rivalry with his fellow anc member Kishan Putta. Kishan is the hardest working member in the Georgetown ANC. He has worked to make Jelleff accessible for all children. He has sought to open up Georgetown University for bike trails. He fought to save and expand bus Routes. And now through his healthcare background, he is fighting to help protect residents through more testing centers and protect small businesses to survive this crisis. He is a dedicated constituent service public servant with twenty years in DC and deep roots in the Burleith community. If we want someone to serve us honorably and not a young show horse just looking to feed their own ego, please vote for Kishan Putta.


Your reply does not address the comment that she has never voted in the district of Columbia before. Is this true?


Is it true that she has never voted before in the District of Columbia?


It is sad that supporters of other candidates feel the need to tear down Patrick to build up their own candidate. Patrick has the support of more Georgetown ANC Commissioners and other neighborhood leaders like Tom Birch and Monica Roache than all the other candidates combined. And the “prominent lobbyist” you site as an attack on him is actually David Catania, who most of us in this neighborhood proudly voted for for mayor and was one of the best councilmembers we’ve ever had.

Longtime Georgetown Resident

She has never voted in the district. This can be verified by the Board of Elections. While they cannot tell who people voted for, they can verify registration date and if people voted. She only registered as a DC voter this fall. Previous, she voted in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Clearly you haven't read Brooke's website. She has the most comprehensive policy plans of any candidate in the race. She is also the only one who has a "track record" section of her website. Let's not fall into old patterns of discounting women's accomplishments...


I am proud to be voting for Brooke Pinto. She called me a couple weeks ago and we had a really good discussion. For the record, she is the only candidate that bothered to pick up the phone and reach out to me as a voter.

There is too much at stake in this race because of COVID-19 and I'm not willing to risk electing someone who will be learning on the job. Brooke explained that as an Assistant Attorney General she worked with the Council every day and wrote legislation.

For those of you worried about her not having voted in the District, I asked her about that too. She explained that while working on the Hill she wanted to vote in her home state for the Senator she was working for. She registered to vote when she started working for the DC government. Personally I think this is completely reasonable and something many DC residents choose to do, especially since we are not able to elect a voting member of Congress. We should be judging candidates based on their track record and experience. She has demonstrated her strong commitment to DC residents through her tireless work in the Attorney Generals office.


Owen, it's a shame that Brooke is lying to you. According to this City Paper article: Brooke registered to vote in DC in March 2019. But according to her LinkedIn, she began work at OAG in January 2018 - more than a year before she registered:

She could have voted in DC in the 2018 primary and general but instead chose to vote in greenwich while working in the DC government. Additionally, the City Paper reported that she was listing her address as Greenwich on political donations as late as November 2019. Her "experience" is an entry level position that she is trying to pass off as essentially running the AG's office. Nothing about her is credible.

Longtime Georgetown Resident

Agreed. I wanted to support a woman in this years race. But Brooke is not that person. She has no experience and has expanded her 2 year working resume.


She served as the Assistant Attorney General for Policy and Legislative Affairs. That is in no way an entry-level position. She worked directly with Karl Racine who picked her to serve in that role after she had already been working as a tax attorney in the Office of Tax and Revenue. With all due respect to ANC commissioners, Brooke is clearly more prepared for the Council.


If you look at her LinkedIn, she graduated law school in May 2017, got a clerkship in September 2017 after being unemployed for several months, then worked for OAG in January 2018 to January 2020. How is one's first job out of school after a three-month clerkship not an entry-level position? How come she's never voted here and lying about it? How come she was listing her address as Greenwich as recently as November? How come she's raising 80% of her money outside of DC? How come she got in the race so late when there was already a lot of people who were scared that there were too many candidates who would split the vote and let Jack win?


Brooke is one of the few candidates with a law degree, has worked on the Hill, and directly for Karl Racine. If you need more experience than that we will never elect any young people to office, and that's a real shame. Should AOC never have been elected to Congress because she just worked as a bartender? Should Jacinda Ardern not have been elected to be PRIME MINISTER of New Zealand because she was only 37?

And gosh, are candidates not allowed to raise money from friends and family outside of DC? You're also citing a campaign finance report from early March...she had been in the race 3 weeks.


A law degree that she got from the same school where daddy is on the board of trustees and established a fellowship. Just like she has a BA from a school where mommy is on the board and established a scholarship. Now daddy, mommy, and their rich out-of-state friends are trying to buy their do-nothing daughter a Council seat in a city she's never voted in. Sad!

Elizabeth W

Anyone know Howard Marks? Or this Ward 2 Better Government Association? I have never heard of this organization nor its founder, and have lived in Georgetown for 20+ years. Is this a fake person that the Pinto campaign manufactured? Shame on trying to trick the voters! Has she done this in other areas, on other neighborhood listserves? I agree with the above, Kishan has been a great voice for our community! He has always responded on the neighborhood forums and reached out when anyone has an issue.


Careful, Selina, your sexism is showing. Very sad indeed.

Elizabeth, all of the candidates participated in the Ward 2 Better Government Association's debate a few weeks ago. Very much a real group and Howard Marks is very much a real person.

J. W. Severt

Wow, her momentum must really be worrying the dark money candidate in race. "Selina's" vicious attack on Ms. Pinto, her background, her abilities and her competency echoes the desperation and nastiness 'sludged out' by certain national figures.

By the way, who is behind the super-PAC paying for all those mailers flooding our recycling bins?

Having served as an Assistant Attorney General in Virginia and knowing a bit about Karl Racine, there are no do-nothing AAG's in his office -- especially those who initially served as tax lawyers and then were promoted to serve in a policy/legislative role.

While I don't always agree with the local endorsements by the editorial board of the Post, in this case they nailed it. During this crisis and its aftermath, we need a common-sense progressive to represent Ward 2 and to bring much needed pragmatism to the Council.

That woman is Brooke Pinto.


My family has lived in Ward 2 for almost 50 years. I was very impressed when Brooke Pinto called our house.
Even though I explained to her that I am not currently a DC Voter, and my 92 year old Mother was unlikely to vote, she encouraged me to keep her personal cell phone number in case we needed any help with DC Senior issues. She had nothing to gain; and I greatly appreciate her consideration.
Ward 2 has always had strong voices for the business community. It would be great to have a council person who concerned about resident family issues, and does not owe election to business and commercial interests.

Like others. I have noticed a great deal of money being spent on this race, and like others, I find that disquieting.