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Ellen Hilburn

I remember taking my first yoga classes with Eliana B. back when Spiral Flight used to be in a place just up the street. Then Eliana moved to Wisconsin and I made the move to the new Spiral Flight where I met the greatest yoga teacher, Janet Thompson. Initially we were a small group on the upper floor of the studio. In time, all classes were moved to one small studio downstairs. I missed the upstairs but our leaving made way for massage therapists, etc. Another great teacher I became acquainted with a Spiral Flight was Liz Wickert. There are other yoga studios in Georgetown but this one was special because of Janet and Liz and the like. Bummer.

Joyce C.

The studio has never been the same since Eliana moved away. This is truly the end of an era. I trust that the great teachers will carry on at another studio - hopefully, it will be close by.


I feel the same way about Janet's classes. Truly exceptional. Do you by any chance know where she is teaching now? I would really appreciate the info. Thanks.


I realize I'm behind the times but I'm curious to know whether you found a good replacement for Spiral Flight and if so, what it is called......thanks!