Janet Staihar, Editor-at-Large

Janet “Jan” Staihar is a writer, communications strategist, and sometimes photographer. Her DC-based company is Staihar & Associates LLC. She is a native of Oregon where she attended the U of O, and is a journalism graduate of the University of Iowa. She wrote and edited for the Associated Press in Newark, Baltimore, Atlantic City and Washington DC. She covered politics and scandals nationally and on Capitol Hill, wrote on business and health subjects, and tossed in a few humor columns for good measure. She has written for local magazines and other media outlets. Her clients include personalities and organizations in the hospitality, entertainment and non-profit sectors. She has been a strategist and mischief-maker for political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, depending on which candidate she thinks is best or worst. Her book-making hobby is laying dozens of election bets (never over $100). She missed on WJC’s first presidential race and on the second Obama election. She won on Obama's first term. She won on Donald Trump's election. She takes photographs with the credit line Natalia Janetti. Cell: 202-494-2490. Office: 202-797-7373. E-mail: jstaihar@comcast.net