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I am proud to be voting for Brooke Pinto. She called me a couple weeks ago and we had a really good discussion. For the record, she is the only candidate that bothered to pick up the phone and reach out to me as a voter.

There is too much at stake in this race because of COVID-19 and I'm not willing to risk electing someone who will be learning on the job. Brooke explained that as an Assistant Attorney General she worked with the Council every day and wrote legislation.

For those of you worried about her not having voted in the District, I asked her about that too. She explained that while working on the Hill she wanted to vote in her home state for the Senator she was working for. She registered to vote when she started working for the DC government. Personally I think this is completely reasonable and something many DC residents choose to do, especially since we are not able to elect a voting member of Congress. We should be judging candidates based on their track record and experience. She has demonstrated her strong commitment to DC residents through her tireless work in the Attorney Generals office.


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