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Longtime Georgetown Resident

The article has so many personal unknown anecdotes about Pinto, it seems it was written by her. Why is the dish publishing such falsities as an op-ed piece. Shame on poor journalism. Pinto has only worked 2 years and has little experience needed for our community or our city. In addition, her base of support is shallow. Her parents in Greenwich and Palm Beach are financing her in this lark. And her campaign information does not have concrete policy just generalizations that politicians often use. Patrick Kennedy is Jack 2.0!. We will be cleaning up his scandals soon enough. A letter from prominent lobbyists stated they were helping him with his political education through raising money. Has there ever been a more quid pro quo statement? Mr Gibbons only endorses Kennedy because of his rivalry with his fellow anc member Kishan Putta. Kishan is the hardest working member in the Georgetown ANC. He has worked to make Jelleff accessible for all children. He has sought to open up Georgetown University for bike trails. He fought to save and expand bus Routes. And now through his healthcare background, he is fighting to help protect residents through more testing centers and protect small businesses to survive this crisis. He is a dedicated constituent service public servant with twenty years in DC and deep roots in the Burleith community. If we want someone to serve us honorably and not a young show horse just looking to feed their own ego, please vote for Kishan Putta.


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