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Ed from Dupont

Patrick Kennedy, a supposed Democrat, was bought by a SuperPAC funded by secret, dark money, right-wing Republicans that make the Koch Brothers look innocent. The group is called DFER, and if you look them up, their name is Democrats for Education Reform. Their name is about the only thing democratic about them as their pro-charter school and anti-teachers union agenda wreaks of Republican private interest stench.

Kennedy has refused to distance himself from this group despite taking public money from the Fair Elections Program that makes Super PAC or corporate contributions illegal. He also claims on his website that he won't take PAC or corporate money. That makes him both a hypocrite and liar. He's accepted 6 mailings thus far and the math behind them is simple:

At over $17,000 per mailing for the 6 mailings to the 31,000 Democratic voters in Ward 2 this Super PAC is now estimated to have spent over $100,000 to elect Kennedy. Such huge spending by an out-of-state Super PAC on a candidate is violating both the spirit and intent of taxpayer funding of campaigns under DC's Fair Elections Act.

You can see ALL of DFER's mailers in support of Patrick Kennedy here:

Kennedy's tacit acceptance of this support and his refusal to disavow this intervention into the Ward 2 election by this out-of-state Super PAC is undermining the spirit and intent of public campaign financing in the District of Columbia.

Kennedy should explain to the voters what he knows about the situation and why he believes this pro charter school Super PAC is spending such a large amount of money to elect him.


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