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David Rothman

East Georgetowner, Thomas Green and Trump-worshippers in general:

EG: Of course, the pandemic is a vital topic. That's why Trump's bungling of the crisis is so newsworthy--along with discussion of ways to keep such incompetents out of the Oval Office. An already-cited WaPo piece in effect shows how a better-qualified president could have done much more to keep us safe--just by acting on early intel information:

Thomas Green: Just curious why you're so passionately MAGA. Do you have any Trump social or business connections? Are you a Trump donor? Other possible Republican Party connections? Are you even in the D.C. area? Silence on the specifics will speak volumes. As for loathing Trump, I cheerfully plead guilty to despising a traitor (e.g., the Helsinki news conference), crook (antics of the Trump Foundation and much more evidence), fascist (racism and eagerness to regiment society at the expense of freedom of the speech and other freedoms) and self-described rapist (p-grabber).

Trump lovers in general: Yes, as Judith says, she's open to all opinions, and that's wonderful. Ideally the posts will be more truthful and less misleading than the President is. I'd encourage Judith to fact-check and otherwise vet them carefully beforehand.


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