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DC Restaurant Week Runs for Two Weeks

January 26, 2021

DC Winter Restaurant Week runs from January 25 through February 7, 2021.


During the extended two weeks, restaurants have a number of takeout and delivery options with to-go drink pairings. 


Restaurants will offer multi-course dinner menus for $35 and/or $55 per person and may also serve family-style packages for two ($60 to $100) or four ($130 to $210). Lunch and brunch menus may also be available for $22 per person.


Here are participating restaurants in DC.

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We The People

January 7, 2021

Whereas the United States is founded on the principle that our Government derives its power from the consent of the governed and that the people have the right to change their elected leaders through elections;


Whereas our domestic tranquility, national security, general welfare, and civil liberties depend upon the peaceful and orderly transfer of power; and


Whereas any disruption occasioned by the transfer of the executive power could produce results detrimental to the safety and well-being of the United States and its people: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate—

(1) reaffirms its commitment to the orderly and peaceful transfer of power called for in the Constitution of the United States; and

        (2) intends that there should be no disruptions by the President or any person in power to overturn the will of the people of the United States.


S. Res. 718

116th Congress

2nd Session



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Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley on YouTube Jan. 3

December 30, 2020

Twenty five years ago, a little known singer, Eva Cassidy, and her producer scraped together enough money to record a gig and self-produce an album. 


This is the story of one night – 3rd January 1996 - at the Blues Alley jazz club in Georgetown, Washington D.C., a set of recordings that almost never happened, and the extraordinary success that followed told by her band members who played with her that night.


No one could have imagined that the audio and video recordings from that night would prove to be the foundation of her unparalleled posthumous worldwide success.


Watch the video here on January 3, 2021.

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