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Coffee, Tea &: Georgetown Favorites Continued

July 15, 2014

Georgetown hosts an infinite number of cafes that are worth exploring. During these hot humid days, why not cool down with an iced coffee and maybe a gelato? In this second installment of Coffee, Tea &, check out these popular and unique cafes that each offer a taste of Georgetown.


PAUL's quiche (Photo by: cheukiecfu) PAUL's quiche

This chain is big business in Europe, the equivalent of Starbucks in its scope and popularity. Located just south of the corner of M Street and Wisconsin, Paul’s offers both a stop and go café area as well as a sit-down upstairs for more permanent stays. Not to miss are its creamy oversized macarons and flakey almond croissants. They also offer a selection of éclairs, tarts, cookies, brioche and other Parisian goodies. Their quiches are certainly filling and worth the hype as is the prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. However, true to French custom, their upstairs seating should be taken seriously- only sit if you can commit to a true lengthy European eating experience.

Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca (Photo by: scsmith4) Dean & Deluca

This 'Gucci' eatery offers high quality everything, along with its café and outdoor seating area. From a devastatingly tasty cheese selection, to famously huge sea salt chocolate chip cookies, Dean & Deluca really delivers in terms of quality and quantity. Its once outdoor café has recently relocated inside, yet the quality remains the same: tasty and classic. Although its prices are undoubtedly higher, the clean and modern ambience makes up for it. Sandwiches are freshly made and can be split between two people given their size. Additionally, Dean & Deluca occasionally provides both live jazz and complimentary wine tastings on weekends, truly covering all the bases.

Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato

This gelato and coffee shop truly lives up to its reputation by providing some of the tastiest and most creative gelatos known to Georgetown residents. Despite a line and limited seating area, this location leaves customers stuffed with chewy churros, creative gelatos of the day, and of course their selection of classic gelato flavors. Be sure to check out the very popular Avocado Honey Orange and any Dark Chocolate flavor. Additionally, their tasty espressos and cappuccinos transform one-timers into regulars. They have expanded recently and now offer more locations (and more gelato flavors) including Fairfax, Dupont Circle and even Bethesda Row. 

Dolcezza gelato (Photo by: Robyn Lee) Dolcezza gelato

Starbucks Coffee

Of course, a roundup of Georgetown coffee shops would be incomplete without the legendary Starbucks on M Street. This location features the usual diverse coffee blends, frappuccinos and pastries, yet is unfortunately one of the most popular locations on the block. If you want to stop by before work, get there early! Lines can extend out onto the street and put a definite damper on your Monday morning. However, this location features a vast upstairs seating area that has both a great view of Georgetown and an extremely peaceful atmosphere. Their upstairs seating is truly the perfect place to escape the madness on the street- and enjoy it all with a coffee and pastry!


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Coffee, Tea &: A Guide to Georgetown Favorites

July 13, 2014

Georgetown is a neighborhood ripe with unique boutiques and designer stores, but amidst all the shopping and bargaining, shoppers need to stop for a bite to eat and a cappuccino to sip! Read on for a breakdown of a few of the many coffee shops nestled in the hub of this city.  

Patisserie Poupon

Almond Croissant (Photo by: Christina Castro ) Almond Croissant

This quiet French patisserie is located in Book Hill, on Wisconsin Avenue between Reservoir and Q Street. This Parisian style bistro offers both deliciously effective espressos and a large selection of artisan pastries including (but not limited to) scrumptious almond croissants, fruit tarts alive with color and pain au chocolates. Their outdoor patio is an excellent little corner for catching up with an old friend amidst the tranquil atmosphere and ample space for seating. Additionally, Patisserie Poupon has freshly made salads, a delicious ham and cheese sandwich and a morning omelet selection that will leave you quite satisfied and ready to conquer the rest of your day. 

Baked & Wired

The average Baked & Wired customer is young, hip, and willing to withstand the crowded atmosphere that overwhelms this popular off M Street attraction. Recognizable by its signature pink bicycle locked outside, this café is a hot spot and for good reason. It offers coffees, lattes and famed cappuccinos, but also provides more unusual selections such as zucchini bread and even bacon cupcakes. 

Chocolate Cupcake (Photo by: m01229) Chocolate Cupcake

All radicalness aside, these delicious treats potentially rival those of Georgetown Cupcakes and Sprinkles in their creativity and quality.The nutella brownie is a fan favorite, as is their selection of Red Velvet and strawberry cupcakes that are immense and made with a specific kind of butter that leaves customers raving. If you do manage to snag a seat, the vibe is very modern and unique. Baked & Wired has a variety of plushy couches and creative artwork that makes this venue pleasing to both the eye and the stomach. Also, this café offers many gluten free options for every pastry connoisseur.


Located in the hub of Georgetown University, this college café is always packed with students and professors attached to laptops and notebooks. However, for less work-prone customers this location also offers with magazines, newspapers, a giant flat screen television and even board games.  Notable on their menu are their famed lattes, flavored coffee and refreshing peach ice tea. This location is definitely one for both getting work done and hanging out with friends. With free Wi-Fi and the first coffee refill free, the crowds are definitely worth the trip!

Saxby's Georgetown (Photo by: Bowen Murphy) Saxby's Georgetown


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Up for Renewal: The Georgetown BID

July 3, 2014

Every five years, the Business Improvement District (BID) requests extension of the organization's term for another five years, pursuant to the DC Business Improvement District Act of 1996.

The current term of the Georgetown BID will expire September 30, 2014. If the request for extension is granted, the new term will expire on September 30, 2019. All are invited to the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development's (DSLBD) public hearing for the BID's renewal application, which will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 10, 2014, in Room 120 of the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.  

For complete details and the public hearing notice, please click here

To view the BID's 5 Year Renewal Plan, please click here.

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