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Rose Park Farmers Market Open Wednesdays

April 12, 2021

Rose Park Farmers Market is now open every Wednesday from 3:00 to 7:00 pm through October. Located between P Street N.W. and M Street N.W. bounded on the West side by 26th and 27th Streets and on the East side by Rock Creek Parkway, the open space is reserved for local vendors offering everything form fresh produce handmade art and accessories.



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Book Hill in Bloom March 20-April 11

March 18, 2021

Georgetown is celebrating DC’s cherry blossom season with a new Book Hill in Bloom promotional event, March 20 – April 11. 


More than 25 small businesses on upper Wisconsin Avenue are participating by decorating their storefronts with pink and cherry blossom-themed decorations, offering special promotions, and donating prizes for an enter-to-win drawing.

(Photo by: Cory Oberndorfer)

From pink martinis and cherry pastries, to cherry blossom manicures and 50% off jewelry, Book Hill is opening its doors for a new season in Georgetown.


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Unsung Heroes: Spy Celebrates African Americans in Espionage

February 3, 2021

"Every shut eye ain't sleep," is an African American proverb that aptly addresses the presence and many contributions of African Americans in espionage. Whether clandestinely relaying messages across enemy lines, reporting intelligence to allies in battle, or commandeering enemy vessels, these unsung heroes have been active agents in the defense of American freedom on the frontlines and behind the scenes of every military conflict.


This Black History Month, the Spy Museum sheds light on the diverse stories featured in their collection and throughout the Museum’s exhibits.


Learn more about James Lafayette,  Josephine Baker, Malcolm Nance and Lauren Wilkinson here.

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