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WIDLS First to Offer Emsella in DC

January 6, 2019

Dr. Tina Alster and the physicians at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery (WIDLS) are the first to offer Emsella in Washington, DC. 

(Photo by: Emsella)

The first device of its kind and FDA-cleared for treating urinary incontinence in women, Emsella is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment indicated for women with stress incontinence (leak with cough or movement) or urge incontinence (inability to suppress the urge to urinate). Stress incontinence is most commonly caused by vaginal childbirth and hormonal changes due to age. 


Patients sit comfortably on the Emsella treatment chair in their regular clothes while electromagnetic energy targets tissue in the pelvis during the 30-minute session. 


Watch Dr. Alster explain the procedure here.


Electromagnetic energy penetrates the targeted tissues of the pelvic floor and stimulates the muscles, building up muscle strength and restoring the support of the pelvic organs. In doing so, the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and improved dramatically, the vaginal walls are tightened, urinary and urge incontinence is decreased, and sexual satisfaction is increased.

During treatment, Emsella will induce 11,200 contractions- the equivalent of performing 11,200 Kegel exercises. In as few as three weeks, patients report a 95% improvement of stress urinary incontinence.

Mention The Dish when you schedule your complimentary consultation to receive special pricing on a treatment package!

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Marcus Johnson Live at Blues Alley Dec. 20-23

December 19, 2018

Independent Billboard-ranked musician and NAACP Image Award-nominated jazz keyboardist and pianist, Marcus Johnson will be performing live at Blues Alley December 20- 23, 2018.


Over the last decade, Marcus Johnson has released 15 successful studio albums.  On Pandora, Marcus receives 5.1 million spins per year with 2,000 new stations added each month, and his music receives a 74% “thumbs ups” rating verses an average of 56%.  Johnson is the owner of a music label, Three Keys Music, and has emerged as one of the young lions of the “DIY” music world.  His unique self-taught style of piano play has earned him distinction among his peers, praise from the media and accolades across the music industry. 

Marcus has performed at clubs throughout the United States and has been a featured performer at many jazz festivals, including his hometown Capitol Jazz Festival, the Bermuda Jazz Festival, Atlantic Artscape, the Latin Meets Jazz Festival and the Huntington Beach Jazz Festival.


Purchase tickets here.


Blues Alley is located at 1073 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.

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In The Spirit of Giving Thanks

November 21, 2018

"Most of the credit for the establishment of an annual Thanksgiving holiday may be given to Sarah Josepha Hale. Editor of Ladies Magazine and Godey's Lady's Book, she began to agitate for such a day in 1827 by printing articles in the magazines. She also published stories and recipes, and wrote scores of letters to governors, senators, and presidents. After 36 years of crusading, she won her battle. On October 3, 1863, buoyed by the Union victory at Gettysburg, President Lincoln proclaimed that November 26, would be a national Thanksgiving Day, to be observed every year on the fourth Thursday of November."

Check out more interesting historical facts and Thanksgiving themed art at the Smithsonian Institution

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