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House fire stopped by Georgetown teen

July 28, 2011

The East Village was buzzing with fire trucks and emergency vehicles Wednesday after smoke and a D.C. government email alert warned the entire city of a fire emergency in the 2700 block of P Street.

Some neighbors immediately worried about P Street Pictures, where a slow burn is taking place over the misfortunes of a beloved neighborhood business.

But the fire that drew at least seven emergency vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances and police cars was contained after the 14-year-old daughter of Soraya Chemaly and Thomas Jones smelled smoke upon entering the house and called 911.

A fire had started in the basement dryer. Others in the house did not know it. The teenager didn't waste time, calling for help and saving the house from possible immolation.

"No one was hurt," said a D.C. fire fighter curling up a thick fire hose on the scene.

There was plenty of smoke, however, and some water damage.

"We feel lucky," said Chemaly, thankful for her responsible, quick-thinking daughter. "We'll be fine."

 Thank goodness for teenagers!

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Flash mob robs Victoria's Secret in Georgetown mall

July 27, 2011

Police detectives are investigating a theft at a Victoria’s Secret store Monday afternoon located inside the Shops at Georgetown Park, Fox 5 reported.

Lt. John Hedgecock said two men and two women entered the store at 2 p.m. and within a matter of seconds, scooped up lingerie and took off on foot.

"We have some information that they may be using some of the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to schedule an event if you will," Hedgecock said.

Similar incidents have occurred throughout Georgetown and other parts of the city and D.C. Police has officers patrolling retail districts on foot and on segways to be able to respond faster.

Anchor Will Thomas explains why security cameras don't necessarily deter crime.


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Chuck Thies' spicy politics dish served here

July 24, 2011

Radio host and veteran D.C. politics advisor Chuck Thies will contribute a regular column to The Georgetown Dish beginning this week. Thies is co-host of WPFW's "D.C. Politics" airing Thursdays at 11:00 am on 89.3 FM. For the past 20 years, Thies has worked in advocacy, campaigns, communications and other endeavors in the District as well as across the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Thies' column will cover District politics, government and officials, their intersection with local life, and the media. Thies' column will at times cover national and international issues as well.

Chuck Thies, Alan Suderman a.k.a. Loose Lips of City Paper, and NBC4's Tom Sherwood at an April candidates forum at The Black Cat (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Chuck Thies, Alan Suderman a.k.a. Loose Lips of City Paper, and NBC4's Tom Sherwood at an April candidates forum at The Black Cat
"In a town where there's ample coverage and analysis of politics," Thies said, "my goal is to mix equal parts David Broder, Hunter S. Thompson, Dick Gregory and Helen Thomas with a teaspoon of sugar and a dash of bitters, serve chilled."

"Chuck Thies is a respected and rising voice at a time when opinion leaders with broad perspectives and thoughtful, engaging opinions are needed," said Beth Solomon, publisher of The Georgetown Dish. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve Chuck's spicy, political dish to our growing audience."

The Georgetown Dish, founded in Dec. 2009, averages over 40,000 visitors per month and was named "Business of the Year" by the Georgetown Business Association.

In addition to following him on The Georgetown Dish, readers can track Chuck on Twitter at


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