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Chris Thomas King Live at Blues Alley

August 14, 2019

Blues guitarist Chris Thomas King will be performing live at Blues Alley from August 29 through September 1, 2019.


Initially known for his audacious fusion of blues and hip-hop, King reached a whole new audience with the Coen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, not only appearing on the award-winning soundtrack but playing a prominent supporting character as well. Despite the much-celebrated, down-to-earth rootsiness of O Brother's music, King had previously been a determined progressive, hoping to reinvigorate the blues as a living African American art with a more contemporary approach and adamantly refusing to treat it as a museum piece whose "authentic" forms needed careful preservation. King eventually modified that approach to a certain degree, attempting to create a more explicit link between blues tradition and the general musical present.

Chris Thomas King is a New Orleans Grammy Award-winning musician and actor who is initially known for his audacious fusion of blues and hip-hop. King reached a whole new audience with his film debut in the Coen Brothers film, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, not only appearing on the award-winning soundtrack, but establishing himself as a serious dramatic actor as well.


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Dean & DeLuca in Georgetown is Closing

July 23, 2019

Plagued by food safety issues in recent years, Georgetown’s Dean & Deluca will be closing August 1, 2019.


According to DC Eater, not only is the 42-year old New York-based food emporium shuttering its DC location but “Within the past two weeks, stores in Napa, California, and New York have closed. Dean & DeLuca’s new pilot cafeteria-style restaurant, Stage, is in the process of closing, according to the New York Times. (It’s expected to reopen elsewhere.) Reports of rapidly emptying shelves at some of the U.S. locations, suggest that more closures are imminent.”


“Dean & DeLuca’s vendors — bakeries and patisseries that supplied many of the store’s pricey gourmet breads, cakes, and cookies — were the first to sound the death knell of the chain. The New York Times reported at least four New York vendors, including Bien Cuit and Eleni’s Cookies, were owed tens of thousands of dollars. And for months, small businesses have turned to social media to complain about the company’s outstanding debts."

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'Freestyle Love Supreme' At KC July 16-21

July 7, 2019

See it before the show goes to Broadway! Enjoy this live performance at The Kennedy Center from July 16 through July 21, 2019.


The improv brainchild of Anthony Veneziale, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Thomas Kail, Freestyle Love Supreme is a stage show like no other. MCs, musicians, and beatboxers take the audience on a completely improvised musical ride all based off audience suggestions. FLS has performed on stages from Cape Town to Melbourne to NYC and practically everywhere in between. Members include Utkarsh Ambudkar, Andrew Bancroft, Daveed Diggs, James Monroe Iglehart, Chris Jackson, Arthur Lewis, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bill Sherman, Chris Sullivan, and Anthony Veneziale. 

Freestyle Love Supreme will be a phone-free experience. Upon arrival guests must secure all phones, smart watches, etc., in a lockable YONDR pouch that will remain in their possession throughout the performance. 


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