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A Snowman! Really?

August 20, 2015

No small irony that SwiftKey has determined the emoji that most represents Washington, DC is a snowman. Anyone who's spent a winter in this city knows we close schools when it rains hard. We're NOT known for the way we handle even the forecast of the white stuff.

But according to SwiftKey's US Emoji Report, after analyzing more than a billion emojis to learn how people in each US state use them, the one used most frequently here is the Snowman. Perhaps we're talking about the Abominable Snowman,

Not surprising, California ranked high for taxi emoji (where Uber and Lyft were founded, Hawaii for surfing and New York, Statue of Liberty.

For a national overview, click on their interactive map here.

The report follows their first Emoji Report, which analyzed over 1.5 billion emoji across 16 languages and showed how emojis are used all over the world, as well as Part II, which analyzed 15 additional languages’ emoji use (spoiler: Australia is naughty!).


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Georgetown University Hospital Set To Expand

August 3, 2015

MedStar Health is plannning to build a new $400 million hospital on the Georgetown University campus. According to the Washington Business Journal, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital has notified D.C. regulators of its intent to file a certificate of need application for a new hospital pavilion to house its surgical, critical care and emergency departments, as well as ancillary and administrative functions.

Read more here.

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Celebrate 25 Years of The Americans With Disability Act

July 13, 2015

The Kennedy Center and Smithsonian Institution are hosting a one-of-a-kind celebration of arts, culture, and history this July. This celebration is brimming with world-class performances and events—music, art, dance, film—all free and open to everyone.

Two monumental anniversaries that have changed the course of our country's trajectory in truly profound ways:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed 25 years ago this year—an enormous step forward for civil rights and equal opportunity for people with disabilities. The impact of the ADA can hardly be overstated—it has irreversibly changed the course of the quality of life for millions of people across the U.S.
  • VSA opened its doors 40 years ago—earmarking 4 decades of commitment to providing quality arts and education programming for people with disabilities of all ages around the globe.

For the full schedule and to get the latest news, visit 25/40 Celebration.

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