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The Gift of Caring

October 16, 2016

Do you ever wish there was someone who could offer a helping hand with certain tasks? Or someone who could organize and accompany you to interesting local cultural events? Would it please you to know there is someone who could be an available resource for help with transportation, grocery shopping, electronics support and many other services?  The good news is there is just such a resource available to you. As the saying goes “it takes a village” and Georgetown Village, a local nonprofit organization serving the Georgetown, Burleith and nearby areas, is here to provide just those services and many more.


Now celebrating their 5th anniversary Georgetown Village provides services and programs so people  55 years and over can remain in their homes and stay connected, informed and engaged in our neighborhood. In addition to the many services the Village offers, there are regular social events such as trips to the movies and dinner, trips to local museums and cultural events, a book group and much more. With about 200 members, Georgetown Village really is filling a need in our community.


Volunteers are the heart of Georgetown Village. As neighbors help their neighbors, the community as a whole is strengthened. One call to the office connects members to volunteers ready to change a light bulb or drive a member to a doctor’s appointment.  There are even specially trained volunteers who will accompany members to the doctor’s office to take notes at medical appointments or to serve a friendly companion when members are hospitalized or in the emergency room.


The Village offers two types of membership. Annual membership fees which cover volunteer services and participation in activities and programs are $600 for an individual and $900 for a household.  Social membership is available for members who do not require services but wish to enjoy the social and cultural activities with members. All but $100 of Social Membership dues are tax deductible. If a Social Member wants to receive services, they can convert to Regular Membership with one call to the office. Subsidized memberships are also available for those with limited finances.


In celebration of their 5th anniversary as an expanding community, Georgetown Village is organizing a Membership Drive. The Village is offering a one-time $100 discount for any new members who join between now and the end of the year.


So if you are interested in becoming a member of Georgetown Village now is a good time to join.  As the holidays approach you may want to consider giving a membership to a spouse, neighbor, friend or yourself.  Or if you would like to give the gift of caring as a donor or volunteer please contact Lynn Golub-Rofrano at 202-999-8988 or Lynn@georgetown-village.org.


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'Isfahan' at Syra Arts Sept. 22- Oct. 6

September 15, 2016

SYRA Arts presents Isfahan, the first collaboration between Iranian artists Rashin Kheiriyeh and Sina Nayeri - a collection of paintings that provide a window into the world of Persian art and literature. The exhibit will be on view from September 22nd - October 6th and there will be an Opening Reception to meet the artists on September 22nd, 2016 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  


Inspired by traditional Persian art techniques and poems by Rumi, Rashin and Sina bring together woodblock printing techniques with hand-lettering from their Iranian heritage and incorporate Western abstraction.This exhibition of paintings brings the perspective of the traditional artworks from Isfahan, a beautiful city in Iran. Isfahan is known worldwide for talented artisans who specialize in textiles, carpets, woodwork, painting, and inlay pieces. It is home to breathtaking Persian–Islamic architecture and paintings. There’s a Persian proverb that says"Isfahan nesf-e jahan” or “Isfahan is half the world.”


Rashin Kheiriyeh is internationally recognized for her award-winning children’s books. She’s an artist who is making waves with her paintings and animation, illustration and graphic design. Her works reveal a quirky, edgy aesthetic and deeply original style.


Sina Nayeri is a painter, graphic designer, animator and calligrapher. His unique focus and proficiency in Persian calligraphy and woodblock printing introduces Farsi letters and traditional patterns from Isfahan art into different mediums including paintings and animation. 


SYRA Arts has been promoting contemporary Middle Eastern art and artists in the United States since 2011. The gallery, which represents some of the Middle East’s leading contemporary painters, sculptors, and jewelry designers, gives a glimpse of the depth and diversity of contemporary art in the region through showcasing work by artists of different generations in a range of artistic mediums.


SYRA Arts is located at 1054 31st Street in Georgetown

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Georgetown Ministry Center Introduces Giving Club

August 22, 2016

Georgetown Ministry Center is doing more than it ever has for the people they serve. To meet rising costs, they are introducing a new way for you to provide consistent support. By joining a Georgetown Ministry Center giving club, you can provide essential services each month for people experiencing homelessness. 


Every dollar makes a difference. Please review the details below and consider joining a GMC giving club today!


Coffee Club

$10/month provides two weeks worth of hot coffee each year. After time in the cold or a poor night's sleep, guests flock to the Center for a hot cup of coffee and a place to belong.


Cleaning Crew

$25/month provides 35 showers and 15 loads of laundry each year for guests who otherwise face obstacles practicing good hygiene while living on the street.


Wellness Warriors

$50/month provides 10 GMC guests with access to our two psychiatrists and general practitioner each year. This helps them address the underlying issues that may cause their homelessness.


Homeward Heroes

$100/month provides 20 GMC guests the opportunity to receive essential case management services each year that ultimately lead to stability, income and housing. 


To sign up for a monthly club, visit their Donate page. If you have any questions, please direct them to Sarah Hartley at sarah@gmcgt.org or 202.338.8301 x3. 


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