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Electronic Recycling Event Nov. 8

October 22, 2014

The Kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy Team of Washington Fine Properties is sponsoring an Electronic Recycling event on November 8, 2014 from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at Ross Elementary School located at 1730 R Street NW.

It is very easy – bring your outdated electronics, televisions, batteries, DVD Players, radios, computers, stereos, phones, fax machines … to the drop off. 

A full list of what will be accepted can be found here

This is a free event with just a few minor exceptions: $5 for hard drive destruction for security purposes, CRT TVs and Computer Monitors as they have to be disposed of due to their hazard materials. Potomac EScrap purchases electronics based on the value of the metals they contain and all money raised will go to Ross Elementary.

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'Observations of Form' at Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery

October 13, 2014

Michael Hampton, Worchester Lodge, Badminton House, Paper Size: 17 x 13 (Photo by: callowayart.com) Michael Hampton, Worchester Lodge, Badminton House, Paper Size: 17 x 13

"Observations of Form," photographs by Paul Jett & architectural watercolors by Michael Hampton will be on view at Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery from October 17-November 15, 2014.

Opening Reception is Friday, October 17th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

The relationship between the work of Michael Hampton and Paul Jett is one of both harmony and contrast.  Hampton's watercolors highlight the absolute symmetry and precision of neoclassical architecture, which emphasizes exacting classical line and proportion.  Jett's photographs capture flora he comes across while taking walks in the woods-like dangling tree limbs or Spanish moss. Yet both artists demonstrate the power of simplicity, the impact of a clean line, and the drama of using negative space.  These qualities bring cohesion and unity to their very dissimilar subject matter.

Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery is located at 1643 Wisconsin Avenue. Tel: 202.965.4601   



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Beasley RE Opens Old Town Office

October 6, 2014

Beasley Old Town Office (Photo by: Beasley RE) Beasley Old Town Office

Old Town, Alexandria, now boasts of a new office opened last week by Beasley Real Estate.

It is Beasley's first office in Virginia.

Clients, family, friends and business colleagues of Beasley dropped by Thursday to congratulate the firm at the grand opening and view the modern design of the new space at 130 S. Union Street.

"It is an incredible accomplishment to have Beasley agents spreading their business throughout Northern Virginia so quickly," said Jim Bell, founder and managing partner of Beasley RE. "There is so much history here.  Everyone from city officials to small businesses that surround us have been extremely welcoming."

The Old Town office, in the heart of Alexandria, is Beasley's third office in the Washington region.  The headquarters is in D.C.  An office in Bethesda, Md., opened last fall.


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