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Gondola Across the Potomac?

February 23, 2014

The recently released Georgetown 2028 Plan includes a bold idea: connecting Georgetown's commercial district with the Rosslyn Metro station via a gondola lift which would consist of a loop cable between two stations with individual cabins accommodating anywhere from four to 20 passengers. The cable moves continuously, driven by a bullwheel powered by an electric motor in one of the end terminals. A gondola lift can carry more than 4,000 passengers in each direction per hour. Their efficiency and  reasonable construction costs make them an attractive option in cities. Gondolas are now operating in London (2012), Caracas (2010), Medellin, Colombia (2004) and Portland, Oregon (2006).

Similarly, Georgetown University would benefit from a lift, given the traffic issues confronting its campus shuttle.

The Plan proposes a hassle-free, scenic four-minute ride across the Potomac River. Of course, what's needed first is a feasibility study on the construction, costs, and operation of an aerial gondola. Then , if found technically and financially feasible, a community planning process would be initiated to determine next steps leading to construction of the gondola

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Georgetown in the Snow

February 13, 2014

Notice the green lights. Given that the photographer is internationally renowned architect and designer, José Solís Betancourt, you can be sure that's not by accident.

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Beasley Real Estate Roars Into 2014

February 3, 2014

The boutique brokerage firm Beasley Real Estate has celebrated its 2nd year anniversary and looks to terrific sales growth  in 2014.

In 2013, Beasley agents sold a quarter of a billion dollars ($250MM) in real estate transactions. The company’s growth in sales volume escalated by 150% from sales in 2012.

Their celebration took place shortly after announcing the firm’s success in surpassing their sales goal in 2013 in which the average growth was 42% amongst Beasley agents.

Clients, family, friends, developers and business colleagues came to congratulate the firm and to show their support at a 2nd anniversary celebration at its Washington headquarters last week.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the milestone of reaching a quarter of a billion dollars in sales and thank our clients for their support,” Jim Bell, founder and managing partner, said at the gathering.

Beasley Real Estate, among the top-producing real estate companies in the nation, serves the entire Washington Metropolitan Region. The firm recently opened an office in downtown Bethesda.


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