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No more “Russian Roulette” on Wisconsin Avenue

November 29, 2011

Wisconsin Avenue from Massachusetts Avenue to Whitehaven Parkway will undergo a major upgrade and traffic change to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians and enhance the overall area. According to a Monday evening presentation by the District Department of Transportation to Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, a center median, delineated by pavement markings, will be created on Wisconsin Avenue along with new time-of-day traffic patterns, as follows: at peak times, two traffic lanes with no parking, plus a left turn lane at intersections; off-peak, parking permitted, with one lane of traffic and left turn lanes.

Looking north on Wisconsin Av towards Calvert Street (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Looking north on Wisconsin Av towards Calvert Street

Brian Cohen, chair of ANC 3B, speaks for the Glover Park transportation project (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Brian Cohen, chair of ANC 3B, speaks for the Glover Park transportation project

According to Brian Cohen, chair of Glover Park ANC 3B, the DDOT project follows a 2006 Office of Planning study that recommended wider sidewalks, better street lights and traffic controls and other measures to improve the area, particularly for traffic and pedestrian safety.  Citing two pedestrian deaths over the last few years, he said, “you can’t play Russian Roulette” any more on Wisconsin Avenue.

Paul Hoffman, DDOT project manager, assured ANC 2E that the traffic flow will be the “same as before” the project, with clearing times of one traffic cycle or 110-120 seconds.  After a year, DDOT will analyze the traffic patterns while keeping in mind installing a “hard,” raised median to replace the pavement markings.

Paul Hoffman, DDOT project manager, listens to a question from Commissioner Bill Starrels (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Paul Hoffman, DDOT project manager, listens to a question from Commissioner Bill Starrels

ANC 2E unanimously approved a resolution by Commissioner Bill Starrels endorsing the project, while explicitly excluding approval of a permanent median.

The project will affect the following intersections of Wisconsin Avenue: Garfield, Fulton, Edmunds, Calvert and 35th Streets, Davis and Hall Places and Whitehaven Parkway.

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Tasti D-Lite swirls into Georgetown Law

November 6, 2011

The guilt-free ice cream-like indulgence that starred on Sex and the City and continues to expand its cult following is swirling onto the Georgetown University Law Campus with a Grand Opening and free tastings Thursday.

Founded in the kitchen of a tiny New Yorker (of course), the delicious, low-cal dairy dessert now comes in more than 100 flavors and has become an international franchise that is taking the globe by (icy, swirly) storm. It's easy to understand why. Each creamy bite seems like a sin, but it's not. Tasti D-Lite's formula means 70 calories (or less), with fewer than 1.5 grams of fat and 14 grams of carbs per four-ounce serving.

The treat has famous fans. Financial Times U.S. Managing Editor Gillian Tett said she survived on Tasti D-Lite to take off pounds while writing a landmark book on Japan. Nice trick.

“There are so many D.C. transplants from New York and business people who travel regularly between the two cities who know and love Tasti D-Lite,” Jim Amos, Tasti D-Lite’s chairman and CEO, told Washington City Paper's Young & Hungry. Amos, a Vietnam veteran, will join First Lady Michelle Obama and military leaders for an announcement of new veteran hiring commitments by the franchise industry.

Georgetown University Law Center Tasti D-Lite Grand Opening is Thursday, November 10, 2011 1:00 -2:00 pm, 600 New Jersey Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001, use 2nd St. entrance.

More information about the treat is here.

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House of Sweden hosts drug abuse seminar November 2

November 1, 2011

Mentor Foundation USA, the leading global organization in preventing drug abuse among youth will join the National Institute on Drug Abuse and The House of Sweden in observing National Drug Facts Day by bringing together top scientists, parents, educators and community members to address the growing problem of prescription drug abuse among youth.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. at The House of Sweden, 2900 K Street.  Speakers include Dr. Wilson Compton, NIDA epidemiology director, who will address the scope of the problem, and deputy director David Mineta of the Office of National Drug Control Policy who will discuss White House Strategy on youth prescription drug abuse. This event is open to the public, but guests should email to sign up.

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