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Volta Park Weekend

June 7, 2011

Volta Park Weekend,

June 10-12

Last year's Volta Park Weekend a great sucess (Photo by: Danielle Dooley ) Last year's Volta Park Weekend a great sucess
Kick off the weekend with the Volta Park Cocktail Party & Silent Auction, sponsored by the Friends of Volta Park and 1789 Restaurant. It takes place on Friday, June 10, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Georgetown Visitation School. Tickets are available at the door, starting at $100 per person.

Volta Park Day on Sunday, June 12th, from 3-6pm:

Mini Ferris Wheel and Moon Bounce
Dunk Tank
Kiddie Games
Cookout and Bake Sale
Live Music
Flea Market
Softball Game (2 p.m.)
Tennis Tournament (Saturday, please e-mail colcloughanne@hotmail.com to sign up.)

All proceeds from the weekend go towards the maintenance of Volta Park, its field, gardens and playground. For more information, e-mail Mimsy Lindner at FriendsofVolta@aol.com, or visit www.voltapark.org.

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Unplugged in Bermuda

May 31, 2011

My spouse and I recently got away for a few days to Bermuda where, in addition to the spectacular surroundings, we found an added perk: a technology and news blackout.  Not a literal blackout, but my cell phone didn't get service and there was wi-fi only in the lobby area. I used my iPad or iPod only when I passed through on the way to the beach, pool or dinner and soon that became a drag. My husband had more options – a working cell phone and a laptop that connected to the in-room internet, but he never turned either of them on.  

Further, there was no USA Today at our door each morning. "Newspaper" coverage consisted of a photocopied print-out of a few current British news stories and international headlines.

We could have tried a little harder to get the news, but the TV in the room was tiny and the island was so beautiful that we much preferred to enjoy all that it had to offer rather than checking voice mail or email or catching up on the TV news.  In the bars and restaurants everyone seemed to watching some sporting event that involved Barcelona. After the first day we didn't miss any of it and in fact it was really nice to avoid the feeling that there was a call or email I needed to return.  I didn't miss hearing about a certain French IMF president's travails, weather disasters or infanticide by parents.  Neither did the siren call of celebrity crack-ups, divorces or drunken binges drive me to investigate the sordid details.

It did take a little creativity to work around our instant message style habits.  For example, when my husband headed to the beach after an early morning of golf he realized he had no way to let me know where he was so I could meet him later.  When he eventually located a hotel phone and left me a voice mail in the room, but it didn't occur to me to check for messages until I finally noticed the blinking light and figured out the hotel's voicemail system.  After that we resorted to writing notes (so old-fashioned!)

In Washington both of us daily compose and return scores of emails and texts and checking multiple voice mail accounts not to mention keeping pace with various list serves, news outlets, Facebook, etc.  Not all of these communications and interfaces are productive and most are definitely not urgent and yet I often feel compelled to respond to all the stimuli. If I don't there is a nagging feeling of something left undone.

As I packed my various gadgets for our trip I had felt that I needed a lot of electronic stimuli, but in the end I  spoke only to my kids on the hotel phone ($2 a minute!) and the movies, books and music I had downloaded to my various I-somethings went unused.  Sailing, walking by the beach, drinking my coffee while looking out at the beautiful aquamarine sea and spending each meal conversing and laughing with my husband and our friends took up all my time and finally got my full attention. 

In the future I plan to spend at least a little time "unplugged" now and then, and some of those emails might even languish in my "inbox" for a day or two.  Or not.

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Georgetown Progressive Dinner: most fun

May 15, 2011

I'm calling it: the Georgetown Progressive Dinner is officially the best (and by that I mean most fun) event of the year.

On Saturday night twenty-four Georgetown hosts and hostesses opened their homes for the second Georgetown Progressive Dinner to benefit the Friends of Hyde-Addison Elementary School garden.  The event, which last took place in 2009, was organized by Georgetown resident and Hyde parent Elizabeth Miller along with a committee of neighbors and members of the Hyde-Addison community.  Guests enjoyed a three course meal in three different homes in groups of 15-20 people with the crowd of approximately 125 congregating at the home of Nancy Taylor Bubes and Alan Bubes for an open air toast and desserts donated by Baked and Wired, Georgetown Cupcakes, Thomas Sweets, Cafe Bonaparte, Safeway and Potomac Wines and Spirits.

As a result of the community's generosity and that of the sponsoring businesses, all funds raised by the event will benefit the Hyde-Addison garden and adjoining tree box landscapes as well as other PTA initiatives.  

Georgetown neighbors Pam and Rich Hines and CAG president Jennifer Altemus shared the convivial atmosphere with Principal Dana Nerenberg, Hyde teachers and families and dinner hosts including Micheal Petricone and Laura Rawlings, Alison and Bo Jia,  Kirsten and Brian Quintenz and Proper Topper proprietors Anna Fuhrman and Joe Kerr.

Despite the post-dinner downpour, guests at the Bubes' raved about the uniqueness of the event and many expressed the hope that the dinner would be held again sooner than the expected biannual schedule. Hyde-Addison PTA President Marcio Duffles conceded that he "could understand why it isn't held every year" due to the amount of effort and coordination required to make the event a success, but "I wish it was."

Cupcakes and desserts at the Bubes' reception (Photo by: Leslie Maysak) Cupcakes and desserts at the Bubes' reception



Hyde-Addison teacher Kathleen Sheehy and husband Shane (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Hyde-Addison teacher Kathleen Sheehy and husband Shane


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